War Within

Dossier: Sophia Orr

Name Orr, Sophia
Callsign N/A
Origin Canada
Gender Female
Background Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, Joint Task Force 2, Sniper
Code 2-1-6-1-3-6

Tactical appraisal

Brave, attempts to seize initiative when possible and accomplish mission objectives even when it means taking personal risks that could have been avoided otherwise.

Goes to great lengths to ensure the survival and well-being of her squadmates. Sacrificing someone so that others may survive is not an option she’s ever willing to take. She’ll get everyone home or die trying.

Has trouble using new and experimental equipment, prefers relying on tried and true.

Personal life

Despite being friendly and expressive, Sophia is extremely reserved when it comes to talking. Prefers communicating through writing notes or typing whenever possible.

She claims that listening rather than talking makes her perception sharper and more open to outside world, and lets her pick up on signs that remain unseen by others, like a sixth sense of some kind.

In combat situations her communication remains extremely short and to the point, so tactical effectiveness is not impacted by her personal preference in this matter.

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