War Within

Dossier: Matteo Nardone

Name Nardone, Matteo
Callsign N/A
Origin Italy
Gender Male
Background Italian Special Forces, 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment “Col Moschin”
Code 5-1-8-2-4-14-7

Tactical appraisal

A results-driven perfectionist. Good at achieving set goals, especially with some momentum. Plays well in a team setting, but not at the cost to his own performance. Good at planning ahead.

Has been known to lose mental composure in situations where his squadmates were wounded or killed.

Personal life

As a side effect to his perfectionism, Matteo tends to blame himself for everything bad happening around him, and not notice the good that results from his actions, causing low self-esteem. Attempts to cope through self-deprecating humor.

Despite these vices, he’s loyal to his friends and has a strong moral compass.

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