War Within

Dossier: Marcie “Mars” McKnight

Name McKnight, Marcie
Callsign Mars
Origin South Africa
Gender Female
Background South African Special Forces Brigade (Recces), 5 Special Forces Regiment
Code 2-1-1-3-13-3

Tactical appraisal

Marcie has good reflexes and trigger discipline. That, and her attitude of “if at first you don’t succeed, try again”, has earned her medals and promotions even before XCOM drafted her.

If not for her lone wolf tendencies, she would have made an excellent commanding officer.

It takes time for Marcie to adopt new equipment and tactics, but once mastered, they become an integral part of her bag of tricks.

Under the pressure of extreme odds, Marcie prefers not to take the risk, and retreat to live to fight another day.

Personal life

Marcie was born into one of the wealthiest families of Cape Town. She grew up a perky young las, and was expected to have a great career in sports. However, one time her friends dared her to visit a shooting range, and once she got a taste for the smell of burnt gunpowder, there was no going back.

Marcie became obsessed with firearms, and started spending more time on the shooting range than training, and ultimately chose a military career.

Being accustomed to shooting for the stars, she set herself the goal of being accepted into the elite ranks of South African Special Forces.

It took Marcie several tries to qualify, and only thanks to her bull-headed determination and her background in high-level sports training she was able to finally succeed.

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