War Within

Dossier: Kiruka “Nighthawk” Everly

Name Everly, Kiruka
Callsign Nighthawk
Origin Canada
Gender Female
Background Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, Canadian Special Operations Regiment
Code 5-1-2-3-15-3

Tactical appraisal

Being a fresh rookie in CSOR, Kiruka has the least combat experience among our recruits, but her personal merits in other areas outweigh that factor.

Kiruka is hard working and goal-oriented by nature, and we expect her to adapt to her new position in XCOM and improve quickly.

Personal life

Kiruka is a people person, and enjoys having a hearty meal or just spending time in a bar in good company.

She’s happy to pull her weight, even if it means helping out with manual labor.

Kiruka’s callsign, “Nighthawk”, she chose as tribute to a fatigued nighthawk she found on the ground one night while strolling, and later left with a wild animal shelter.

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