War Within

Dossier: Runa “Raiden” Daikage

Name Daikage, Runa
Callsign Raiden
Origin Japan
Gender Female
Background Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Riot And Tactics Squad (RATS)
Code 1-3-3-3-6-14

Tactical appraisal

Fierce and ruthless, values personal strength, and despises weakness, often using it as an explanation for all the bad things that happen to people.

Runa is loud, intense and quick to anger. Often threats physical violence, and doesn’t shy to carry out her threats. She does not play well with others, and stops at nothing to prove she is the best.

Personal life

Runa grew up as a homeless orphan on the streets of Tokyo, where she quickly learned that being strong and ruthless is the only way to survive. Even much older kids became afraid to cross her, and eventually she got noticed by a high ranking yakuza – a member of Japanese organized crime syndicate named Nishizaki.

Nishizaki liked how fierce Runa was, and took her under his wing. His plan was to keep their relationship secret, and groom Runa to become his personal double agent in Tokyo Police.

Due to her negative past experiences with street cops, becoming a police officer was the last thing Runa wanted to do, but when Nishizaki promised to officially adopt her, she agreed to follow his plan.

Nishizaki used his connections to secure a spot for Runa in police school. After graduating, she was accepted into Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, where she quickly rose through the ranks thanks to her combination of street smarts, natural intelligence and determination bordering on obsession.

Everything was going according to plan, but it all fell apart when Nishizaki was killed in a trivial dispute with a rival yakuza family.

Runa’s conclusion was that Nishizaki was weak, and blamed him for allowing himself to be killed. Overcome with mixed feelings of pain and resentment, and having lost her only anchor in life, Runa reinforced her conviction to be strong, so that she will never has to suffer the same fate.

She enrolled into an advanced tactical training program, and went through it like hot knife through butter, and joined Riot And Tactics Squad – one of the best counter-terrorism units in Japan.

Through her relationship with Nishizaki, Runa knew a lot about the inner workings of criminal world, and feeling like she owes them no loyalty, she began hunting violent criminals asĀ  if it was some kind of grim sport.

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