War Within

Dossier: Jayko “Deadput” McWoods

Name McWoods, Jayko
Callsign Deadput
Origin Canada, Alberta
Gender Male
Background Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, Joint Task Force 2
Code 3-1-4-3-21-2-1

Tactical appraisal

Learns from mistakes, and goes to great lengths to make sure they do not happen again.

Believes that actions speak louder than words and that results mean more than promises. Does not hesitate to use said results to convince others of his point of view, including his superiors.

Remains effective under pressure of life-threatening situations.

Personal life

Claims to possess extrasensory perception (ESP) abilities in the form of being able to experience multiple timelines at the same time, and see all of the potential outcomes of each situation, but with no ability to choose the preferred timeline.

Claim dismissed by officials as unfalsifiable, as the basic form of predicting the future based on past experiences is native for all humans.