War Within

Dossier: Jacob Scheppa

Name Scheppa, Jacob
Callsign N/A
Origin United States, Wisconsin
Gender Male
Background United States Army Rangers
Code 2-1-6-1-15-1-1

Tactical appraisal

Jacob is a do-or-die fighter. His iron will and Ranger training put him well above his peers. He is light on his feet and has well-developed hunter instincts. Outmaneuvering the opponent and striking a lethal blow comes natural to him.

Jacob is the kind of person that will keep fighting until his dying breath, and even then he’ll probably haunt you.

Personal life

Jacob is the sole survivor of a mission gone terribly wrong. The details of that deployment are classified. All we know is that his unit was sent to secure a hostile facility, and that one by one all members of Jacob’s squad were killed in action.

When he remained alone, he had an option to safely evacuate, but he chose to risk his life once again and completed the mission, single-handedly taking down a dangerous foe and securing the facility.

People broke down over less, but this grueling experience seemed to only reinforce Jacob’s conviction to do whatever it takes to serve his country.

Jacob is the living embodiment of US Army Rangers creed, and should it become necessary for his squad to fight in hell itself, he’ll be there to lead the way.