War Within

Dossier: Alexandra “Beaver” Lee Braun

Name Lee Braun, Alexandra
Callsign Beaver
Origin Canada, Ontario
Gender Female
Background Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Emergency Response Team
Code 4-1-4-1-16-1

Tactical appraisal

Very intelligent and has high attention to detail. She is thrifty, efficient, and has a knack for taking into account all the subtleties about any given situation or a piece of equipment, and adapt to her personal expertise and limitations.

Has highly developed predatory instincts and stealth skills, but less effective in direct combat.

Personal life

Alexandra wanted to be a police officer since she was a child, and enrolled into service immediately after graduating from the Police Foundations program.

Initially a typical “protect and serve” idealist, she eventually evolved a more grim outlook on things. Experience made her realize that the police system is corrupt, and that there are many dangerous people that abuse their political connections and financial wealth to avoid prosecution.

Disenchanted with the service, she was about to quit, but was invited to participate in an intensive tactical training course, with the promise of future employment into the elite Emergency Response Team.

Alexandra took that opportunity thinking that this was her chance to finally make a difference, and did not regret her decision.