Resistance Rising

Resistance Rising: #3

“You weren’t exaggerating when you said you were good at stealth” – whispered Sofia to Maris. They were crouching by a door and using their XPads to bypass ADVENT security protocols. According to intel gathered by Tesla and the Reapers, Pratal Mox was held prisoner in the cell behind this very door.

“Be quiet and get ready to go in. I’m almost finished hacking the lock.” – said Maris. They were still in the heart of a high security ADVENT facility and he did not want to take any chances, even with Outrider watching their back. Sophia did have a point, though. It was Maris’ and Outrider’s expertise with concealed entry that has allowed them to infiltrate the facility without raising any alarms.

The door has opened with a quiet mechanical sound. Sophia pointed her shotgun inside the cell and turned on the flashlight that was mounted on it. The cone of light has lit up the body of a person lying in the middle of the cell. Sophia has approached carefully, her ear catching Maris whispering into his radio, probably updating Outrider on their progress. She turned the person on the back, and according to the description provided by the Skirmishers, it was Pratal Mox. He was breathing and had seemingly no injuries, but Sophia’s attempts to wake him up were unsuccessful.

“Intel was good, Mox is here, but looks like we’ll have to carry him.” – reported Sophia over the radio. Maris got inside, but as soon as they lifted Mox from the cell’s floor, alarms started blaring.

“What’s going on? Is this a trap?” – yelled Sophia to Maris over the sirens.

“No idea! Cover me!” – yelled Maris in response: “Firebrand, come in! We need evac from a western side of the facility, ASAP!”

The exit from the facility was only across the hallway from the cell, but these few steps seemed like an eternity. Skyranger was already hovering above when they got out, Maris and Sophia carrying Mox, and Outrider covering them.

They got on board the Skyranger without delay, and were already halfway to the Avenger by the time Sophia has realized they just broke in and out of an ADVENT military installation without firing a single shot.

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