Resistance Rising

Resistance Rising: #2

The Avenger did not have a dedicated Infirmary facility, so wounded had to be bunked in general quarters. Don was lying in his bunk, trying not to move unnecessarily. His wound did not require sedation nor anesthesia, just a lengthy recovery time. Boredom was driving him crazy. His mind kept drifting to his previous mission.

The general they were trying to assassinate was about to escape, and Don got reckless for a moment. He climbed to a roof and fired his cannon at the general. He clearly got some good hits, but it seems ADVENT high command was made out of much sturdier stuff than regular mooks, as the general didn’t even flinch, and had no trouble escaping on a dropship.

While Don was contemplating the impossibility of any living thing surviving a cannon burst, he got nailed in the back by an ADVENT Pathfinder that happened to be in a flanking position. Thankfully, Don’s armored vest absorbed most of the impact, keeping Don alive, but still out of commission for a few weeks.

“How are you holding up?” – a familiar voice has interrupted Don’s thoughts. Don slowly turned his head and saw Deadput leaning back on a sofa in front of Don’s bunk. Don turned away:

“You know, you don’t have have to keep visiting me. I’ll be fine. It’s not…”

“Yes, it is my fault.” – interrupted Deadput sharply: “I was the one covering that flank. I even knew that Pathfinder was there.”

“I would have rushed for the general anyway.” – stubbornly stretched Don on one note.

“Yes, because you’re a stupid hothead.” – chuckled Deadput: “And covering stupid hotheads like you is my job. I should have at least sent my GREMLIN to look after you.”

“So why didn’t you?” – asked Don angrily. He was getting tired of this conversation, and being confined to bed for days is yet to improve anyone’s mood.

“I uh..” – Deadput suddenly looked away in embarrassment and confessed: “I rushed for the general too.”

Don laughed out loud, then flinched in pain a moment later, regretting the laughter.

“Yeah, we’re totally two of a kind, you and I.” – said Don through laughter and cough.

“I brought something for you.” – said Deadput suddenly, pulled out a small object out of his pocket and passed it to Don: “Do you think you know what to do with this?”

Don’s eyes widened in surprise: “Where did you get this?”

He reached out and grabbed the object. It was an old world music player with a seemingly intact set of headphones.

“I bartered it during our brief stay in the Reapers’ HQ.” – said Deadput, pleased with Don’s reaction, who was mesmerized by the small electronic device in his hand.

“Did you get it.. for me?” – asked Don, only now able to look away.

“I noticed you were tinkering with Old World tech in Engineering.” – said Deadput: “Reapers didn’t have batteries for this thing, but I’m sure you will be able to figure something out.”

“Thank you!” – said Don with feeling: “What.. What did it cost you?”

“Nothing I couldn’t have spared” – reassured him Deadput, standing up and walking way: “Hurry up and get better, idiot hothead.”

“Thank youuuu.” – quietly held Don, cradling the small treasure on his chest.

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