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  • November 21, 2021 - November 21, 2030
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Ever since Anthro Cosmetics mod came out, I’ve been thinking about creating distinctive gameplay for units outfitted with these cosmetics.

This can be realized in several ways. The simplest method is using the existing Gene Modding facility, so that any soldier can have animal genes applied to them to gain new traits. This is simple and compatible, and it lets the player fully customize the gene modded soldiers. This is both a pro and a con.

The pro is that the player can mix and match the cosmetic options as they please, and it lets them determine the extent of changes to soldier appearance. Like, using a cheetah facepaint instead of full body conversion.

It also lets the player use soldiers with animal-like traits without actually making them look like animals, if they want to.

The con is that the player would have to manually adjust the appearance of each soldier after the gene modding, though the Appearance Manager I’m working on can make it somewhat easier, it can still be immersion breaking to not have the soldier just change the appearance automatically when gene modding is complete.

In theory, this process can be automated and made configurable, so it’s a solid option overall.

Completely different option is making it a plugin for Allies Unknown, which would mean making new character template for each animal “race”. That would mean several limitations:

  1. These soldiers would be limited to using body cosmetics of only their animal “race”. No more mixing and matching cosmetics, which is again a pro and a con at the same time, depending on how you look at it.
  2. These soldiers would be able to use all soldier classes, except for faction hero ones. Alternatively, I could set up individual classes for all of them, though 7 classes sounds like a huge load of work, even without any new class perks.
  3. They could probably use a drawback to compensate for their strong passives, such as always having the lowest possible combat intelligence, and/or being unable to purchase additional perks with XCOM AP.

Well, this covers the integration options. Which aren’t mutually exclusive, obviously, so I may end up pursuing them both.

But what about the “distinctive gameplay” I mentioned? In my mind, each zoan type should have three bonus abilities:

  1. One active ability. It would be relatively situational, have a long-ish cooldown, but would be relatively powerful as well, making it something you can rely on in specific circumstances to provide a significant advantage.
  2. One passive ability. It would be generally useful, something you can benefit from relatively often.
  3. One flavor passive ability. Something very situational, and with a relatively weak effect, that can be both a bonus in one circumstance and a penalty in another, and its main purpose is to once again remind the flavor that this is actually a different creature with more than superficial differences from generalists humans.

Here are my very rough and very preliminary, subject to change, potential ideas for each zoan type:

1 ) Wolves are pack predators. They are relentless and have excellent endurance. They can pursue prey for days on end. They are smarter than dogs and work great as a team.

Active: Wolf Howl – ??

Passive: ??

Flavor passive: endurance. Wolves never get exhausted, so they can keep going on missions as long as they’re not wounded, though obviously they will suffer tactical penalties associated with going on missions with low Will.

2) Leopards in my mind are the most agile out of the big cats presented in the Anthro mod, so I would give them abilities that would reflect that, but at this point I’m not sure what exactly, just a flat bonus to Dodge seems awfully boring.

Active: ???

Passive: ???

Flavor: ???

3) Tigers are ferocious and extremely dangerous, everybody knows that.

Active: Roar – panics or reduces will of nearby enemies.

Passive: bonus damage on all melee attacks.

Flavor: ???

4) Foxes are cunning and enjoy tricking and misleading pursuers.

Active: Slip Away – a special move action. Move to a tile. If you’re not visible to any enemies on that tile, gain concealment.

Passive: magnetic sense – foxes are able to sense nearby enemies even through walls.

Flavor passive: cold resistance? That’s a trait more specific to polar foxes.

5) Cheetahs – fastest land animal, nuff said.

Active: Cheetah Dash – double your Mobility until the end of turn. Become immobilized for your next turn. Cheetahs can move extremely quick when they need to, but then their body overheats and they must rest. Potentially instead of straight up immobilization the mobility can be penalized depending on how many moves they’ve taken.

Passive: Cheetah Speed – whenever you end your turn with a Standard Move action, gain a bonus Move action. Triggers once per turn (duh). Probably disabled during Cheetah Dash.

Flavor: daytime predator – gain bonus sight range during the day and penalize it during the night.

6) Hyenas – scavengers and pack hunters, hyenas are patient and insolent, when their numbers allow them to. They can even scare off lions, if their numbers are high enough, but if not, they are perfectly happy waiting and feasting on the remains after the lion has left.

Active: this may be too gruesome/disgusting, but I’m thinking of an ability that would allow them to eat corpses to regain health.

Passive: ???

Flavor passive: ???

7) Rats are typically associated with being unclean, spreading disease, being vermin, being able to find a way anywhere through their tenacity and ingenuity.

Active: as a free action, deal strong environmental damage to an object on an adjacent tile. Allows rat people to make passable holes in walls and destroy enemy cover when they are right next to it.

Passive: Toxic aptitude – gain resistance to poison and make all your attacks apply weak poison. And/Or deal bonus damage to poisoned enemies.

Flavor passive: tunnel rat – gain some kind of bonus on Tunnel maps.

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