Underbarrel Attachments Overhaul

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  • June 5, 2020
    08:00 - 17:00

I’m not very happy with how the Underbarrel Attachments mod turned out, I’d like to improve the attachment models and reposition them further away from the weapon’s barrel. That would mean getting clipping in the armory, and during some of the combat animations.

I also regret making it possible to attach the attachments of all tiers to all weapons. In retrospect, I would rather make *one* weapon upgrade that adjusts its appearance based on the weapon’s tier, similar to how I did that with Bayonets.

I also regret making Underbarrel Launcher fire custom grenades, and I’d rather change it up so it can launch regular XCOM grenades instead. I believe there’s a method in Highlander that would let me dynamically change the icons of equipped grenades so that they would look like underbarrel grenades. That would be enough to sate my craving for immersion.

I’m also considering making it possible to attach Heavy Weapons as underbarrels.

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