Underbarrel Attachments Overhaul

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  • October 1, 2020 - October 1, 2030

Underbarrel Attachments was one of the first mods produced by my patreon project. It was something to be proud of at the time, but a lot of time has passed, and I have grown unsatisfied with this mod. I would like to re-release it with the following adjustments:

1) Underbarrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL) can now launch regular grenades, and do not carry their own ammunition. Inventory icons for grenades can be potentially replaced with their underbarrel versions if a UBGL is equipped. Perhaps this icon replacement can be extended to the regular grenade launcher as well.

2) A new secondary weapon: Grenade Bandoleer, can be carried by classes that use the Grenade Launcher, granting an additional grenade slot.

3) No more different tiers of weapon upgrades, there will be just one UBGL, one Underbarrel Shotgun and one Underbarrel Flamethrower. They will change their appearance and stats automatically based on the weapon they are attached to, just like Bayonets.

3) Additional Shotgun Ammo item changed to be one item that can go into two slots, as opposed to being two items, each for their own slot. That requires potentially problematic highlander tech, further testing required.

4) I might redo some of the underbarrels’ models, particularly the UBGLs.

5) Could potentially add the option to equip heavy weapons as underbarrel attachments. In order to facilitate this, the mod would have to be reworked. I would have to add just one new weapon upgrade: Underbarrel Rail, which would grant a new Inventory Slot that can be used to attach Heavy Weapons to the primary weapon. And then I would add the grenade launcher and shotgun as Heavy Weapons. Flamethrower already exists, naturally.

Since all Heavy Weapons use the same model, I think it would be reasonable to also make just one generic underbarrel weapon model per primary weapon tier that could reasonably pass as both a shotgun, a flamethrower or a grenade launcher. Not an easy task, but accomplishable, and still easier than making a unique underbarrel attachment for each weapon upgrade for each tier, even if it’s less sensible.

6) I’m undecided whether I’m okay with UBGL being a mostly cosmetic alternative to the regular grenade launcher. Probably not. In order to spice things up, it can be changed so that the grenade must be loaded into UBGL before it can be fired, which is a turn-ending action, but then the grenade can be fired as a free action next turn. “Load UBGL” is no longer turn-ending if the soldier has the Salvo perk.

Alternatively, loading the grenade can be a non-turn-ending action, and so would be firing it, with or without Salvo. That would mean Salvo is useless, but it would probably be more reasonable and balanced then the first option.

7) Should add some configuration for the scatter mod.

8) Move the underbarrel attachments further away from the barrel. This will mean the left hand will be clipping in the armory with most of the attitudes, but in retrospect, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I could also maybe potentially adjust some of the worst offender attitudes so it doesn’t look that bad.

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