True Utility Slot Secondary Weapons

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  • October 1, 2020 - October 1, 2030

This mod idea is not available for voting, since I want to create this mod as soon as possible, and it should not require a lot of effort, I’ll do it as soon as it becomes technically possible, which is when the Highlander is updated to version 1.22.

This mod would allow equipping any secondary weapon in the utility slot, and it will be visible on the soldier’s body both in the armory and in tactical. This will include grenades and medkits on soldiers’ belts.

In order to prevent weird interactions, soldiers cannot equip sidearms of the same weapon categories they use as their primary or secondary weapon.

These secondary weapons will be able to equip weapon upgrades, and the mod overall is intended to be a companion to True Primary Secondaries. Together with Ability To Slot Reassignment, TUSSW will also have full support for soldier abilities related to these weapons.

This will be superior to Utility Slot Sidearms and Utility Slot Sidearms Extended, as those mods create separate copies of weapons that can be equipped in the secondary slot, and they cannot be equipped with weapon upgrades. They are also generally messier and more complicated mods, since they have to rely on using paired weapon templates in order to keep the weapons visible on the soldier, which is a complex system and potentially more prone to bugs. They had to do it this way because the tech that will be used by TUSSW have not been developed yet when they were made.

TUSSW will work great with Inventory Overhaul and Sidearm Overhaul.

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