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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Smuggler Class – inspired by Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, Smuggler uses a pistol and a sawed off shotgun, and focuses on stealth and close range ambush attacks with high burst damage.  Planned / potential abilities:

  • Squaddie perks: pistol shot, point blank (no double tap), reload sawedoff, Blend In, Go Loud.
  • Blend In -> Automatically conceals the Smuggler if he begins turn with no enemies in sight. Stole this one from Musashi. Since this is a squaddie perk, Smuggler gets reduced mobility while in concealment. Considered making this a global concealment change, but it would affect balance too much.
  • Go Loud -> Breaks concealment to lose the mobility penalty. Free action.
  • Lucky Shots -> +5% crit chance for the squad. GTS upgrade.
  • Crippling Shot -> pistol shot that always crits, applies a bleed effect and disorients. Additionally reduces enemy mobility? Affected by Quickdraw?
  • Jab -> Pistol Whip-like ability. Refunds an action point when used against a bleeding enemy.
  • Flechette Round -> spend an action to make your next Point Blank apply a bleed effect (and deal bonus damage?). Loads one shell into sawedoff. About half done.
  • Dirty Kick -> Originally smuggler’s ability.
  • Checkmate -> Same.
  • Shoot First -> Shadowstep behind the target and deliver apointblank shot from the sawedoff. Guaranteed hit (mostly a tech requirement rather than design choice). If used from Concealment, will also knockdown the enemy and stun them.
  • Sleeping Dart -> Usable only from concealment. Puts a target enemy to sleep if he’s not from an activated pod. This will activate the pod itself (or put them on high alert). If that enemy takes damage, there’s a chance (100%?) he will wake up. One enemy can be darted at a time? Doesn’t work against robotics.
  • Sneak -> Reduces detection radius to be on the level of Reapers. Temporarily?
  • Slicer -> Allows Smuggler to hack robotic enemies, and provides a passive hacking bonus. Same visualization as System Infiltration. If proper hacking is too difficult to implement, simply make this a bonus ability for sleeping dart, which would function the same, only for robots. Alternatively, make this a chance-based stun on robotics, although proper hacking would be best.
  • Vanish -> Gain concealment. Can be used in combat.
  • Smuggle (Colonel) -> Activate concealment for the whole squad. Usable once per mission. Requires that there are no active enemies? Concealment is lost if the ally moves too far from the smuggler.
  • Steal -> Identify an enemy with loot and retrieve it, then perform a defensive action moving into cover. Usable only from concealment, preserves concealment for the duration.
  • Flash Powder -> Extra Flashblangs, and Flashbanging doesn’t end turn.
  • Take Cover -> Free action, usable only on tiles in cover. Rolls into cover within movement range. Depends on how possible is visualization. There is already an animation for it in the game, but hard to tell how bad it would look.
  • Homing Mine (Sabotage Charge) -> Reaper copypaste. Not my fault Firaxis stole it from SW TOR. Usable only from cover? Only from concealment? Doesn’t end turn, probably. Limited amount of uses per mission, no utility item required.
  • Blaster Volley -> fire a shot against every enemy in front of you in a cone. There’s already an ability that does it in one of the class mods. Make sure to take advantage of robojumper’s visualization patcher.
  • Evade -> Gain X charges of Untouchable.
  • Additional perk: Escape -> Evade (and Vanish?) removes negative effects, including stun and disorientation, and can be used with those effects present.

As an alternative to a full-blown class, I might consider making a Sawed Off Shotgun Specialization for the Musashi’s RPG Overhaul.

It would include 7 perks in total that bstar and I have brainstormed together. The idea is to recreate the iconic Smuggler/Scrapper abilities  from SW: TOR MMORPG like Flechette Round, and combine them with tropes like spinning reload to create a satisfying playstyle that would let you hammer in those shots in faces of priority targets in surprise close range attacks, leaving them bleeding in the dirt, and vulnerable to follow up attacks.

If you’re a patron, you can view the design doc for it here.

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