Sidearm Overhaul

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

I’d like to build a system that outfits most of the XCOM soldiers with sidearms.

  • This mod will succeed and replace Sawed Off Shotgun Overhaul and Autopistol Overhaul. It will include visual weapon attachments for all vanilla and TLP pistols and autopistols, but probably not for sawed off shotguns.
  • Every soldier gets a sidearm slot, potentially via Dedicated Pistol Slot.
  • Siderams include: pistols, autopistols, sawed off shotguns, knives, psi amps (with Psionics Ex Machina).
  • In order to prevent weird interactions, soldiers cannot equip sidearms of the same weapon categories they use as their primary or secondary weapon.
  • Sidearms will require reloading (this requires waiting on new Highlander tech, or reworking Faceoff considerably).
  • Sidearms will be rebalanced across the board, using clipsize as a balancing tool, among other things. Ideally, this mod should be developed *after* Inventory Overhaul, so I have access to Weight and Space as balancing tools as well.
  • Pistols will be split into two categories: standard and handcannons.
  • Standard Pistols: TLP T1 Pistol -> Mag Pistol -> Beam Pistol. Compact, easy to use, lots of ammo, not a lot of damage.
  • Handcannons: vanilla conventional Pistol -> TLP T2 Pistol -> TLP T3 Pistol. Deal more damage, but have lower clipsize and will be “harder to use”. Undecided if that will manifest in some sort of stat penalties or requiring some sort of perk in order to use them.
  • Autopistols: about on the same level as Handcannons, and  “easier to use”, but have fewer ammo.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun: lots of damage, but effective only at very short range. Also big and heavy.
  • I have already done some work on visual weapon attachments for TLP pistols:

Firing animations can be potentially changed to accomodate for the stock present on the pistol model.

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