Sidearm Overhaul

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

I’d like to build a system that outfits most of the XCOM soldiers with sidearms, while also creating some potential for loadout variety.

  • Finite Ammo for pistols / autopistols.
  • Relies on Dedicated Pistol Slot to give (almost) everyone a sidearm.
  • The starting magnum revolver is to be changed into Handcannon weapon category and become the dedicated secondary for Sharpshooters. Damage: high, range: short, ammo: medium.
  • Autopistols: range: short, damage: high, ammo: lowest.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun: damage: highest, tatabg
  • Regular Pistols: based on the TLP weapon model with kitbashed visual weapon attachments for the T1. T2 and T3 probably will use the vanilla XCOM2 pistol models, while T2 and T3 TLP pistol models would become the handcannon weapon class. Damage: low, range: medium, ammo: medium.
  • Low baseline damage: 1-2 (+1 crit) for regular pistols, 2 Ammo.
  • LW2 Combat Knives and Spec Ops Knives carryable in the sidearm slot.
  • Cross-class perk: [Sidearm Drills]  – increases aim and crit with sidearms. Integrate with cross-class training facility so that any soldier with access to sidearms can learn bonus perks for it.

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