Sawed-off Shotgun Specialization for RPGO

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  • June 5, 2020 - June 5, 2030
    08:00 - 17:00

As an alternative to a full-blown Smuggler Class, I was considering making a Sawed Off Shotgun Specialization for the Musashi’s RPG Overhaul.

It would include 7 perks in total that bstar and I have brainstormed together. The idea is to recreate the iconic Smuggler/Scrapper abilities  from SW: TOR MMORPG like Flechette Round, and combine them with tropes like spinning reload to create a satisfying playstyle that would let you hammer in those shots in faces of priority targets in surprise close range attacks, leaving them bleeding in the dirt, and vulnerable to follow up attacks.

If you’re a patron, you can view the design doc for it here.

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