Rocket Launchers Improvements

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

I would like to add a sort of Black Hole or psionic rocket. I already have the model for it. Perhaps some more rockets, such as:

  • cluster rocket
  • cluster rocket that fragments before reaching the enemy and showers them with mini explosions (or maybe do this for white phosphorous rocket?)
  • flak cannon rocket? i.e. basically firing a shotgun from the launcher. too similar to shredstorm cannon though.
  • wrath cannon-style rocket. designate an area, and it gets destroyed at the end of the enemy turn. make it pierce stasis or go out after stasis is over.
  • salvo rocket

I could also purchase some third party rocket models, like I did with cannon shells for the SPARK Arsenal, and replace models for most of the existing rockets.

I would also add Weapon Upgrades for rocket launchers and rocket handling GTS training for soldiers, and perhaps some global engineering upgrades, such as:

  • Designation Protocol – allows GREMLIN users to Designate enemies, applying Holo Targeting and allowing enemies to be targeted from Squadsight ranges.
  • Suppressor (first rocket fired during the mission is silent or maybe SubSonic rocket to keep RLs relevant on Lost missions, Shrapnel Shot maybe)
  • Heat Vision Scope – direct fire rockets (Sabot) can target enemies even through walls, without direct line of sight.
  • Safety Pin – Rockets that have not been Armed can be Given at a distance of several tiles.
  • Rocket Holster – Carrying only one rocket doesn’t cause a mobility penalty.
  • Assisted Reload – Giving a rocket that has been Armed this turn doesn’t cost an action.
  • Heat Rockets – standard explosive rockets deal +3 damage to robotic units.
  • Danger Something – Tactical Nuke fired when DETONATION IMMINENT has explosive radius increased by 25%
  • Some sort of “Rocket Crew” bonus for Give / Arm rocket if rocketeer and ammo carrier are bonded?
  • Also considering making all (armed) rockets throwable as grenade for 50% throw range and 50% damage.
  • Launcher Barrel – special weapon upgrade to allow Assault Rifles to launch rockets from their Assault Rifle’s barrel, with reduced damage, range and radius.

There are also lots of minor improvements I could get to.

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