Reality Breaker Class

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

This class would have a set of abilities that mess with the fabric of reality itself. Time travel, predicting the future, metagaming abilities. For example:

  • Fire a shot. Refund the action point and ammo if the shot misses.
  • Analyze enemy’s Ability Tree and AI setup and visualize their next most likely action.
  • Increase enemy HP by 100%, but reduce their combat stats (or damage done) by half.
  • Increase enemy max HP by 100%. Their current HP will remain the same, so they will now effectively be at half health. Normally pointless, but would allow things like Executioner to kick in.
  • Teleport a unit to a random location on the map / tile occupied by them X turns before.
  • Time Paradox – select a soldier as target. Create a temporary copy of that soldier, warping them in from the future, with higher rank, more perks, better stats and better gear.
  • Reality Breach – summon a pod of *random* characters that would fight against all other units on the field.
  • Hide and Seek – grant concealment to a random soldier and a random enemy.
  • Silence -prevents targeted enemies from using Psionic powers for several turns.
  • Erase – removes certain (random?) abilities from targeted enemy until the end of combat.

  • Spellsteal – steal an ability from the targeted enemy and gain it yourself.
  • Change target size – allies are increased in size, gaining the ability to break through walls and gaining HP, but getting a Defense penalty, while enemies are reduced in size, reducing their HP, but gaining a Defense bonus.
  • Send the target enemy into the future. They will disappear, and have a chance to reappear later on this mission or one of the next ones.
  • Roll back the HP and position of the unit to what was X turns ago.

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