Reality Breaker Class

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

This class would have a set of abilities that mess with the fabric of reality itself. Time travel, predicting the future, metagaming abilities. For example:

  • Fire a shot. Refund the action point and ammo if the shot misses. Alternatively, place an effect on an allied target, including self as a potential target. The game will display whether your next shot will hit or miss each individual target during shot preview.
  • Analyze enemy’s Ability Tree and AI setup and visualize their next most likely action.
  • Increase enemy HP by 100%, but reduce their combat stats (or damage done) by half.
  • Increase enemy max HP by 100%. Their current HP will remain the same, so they will now effectively be at half health. Normally pointless, but would allow things like Executioner to kick in.
  • Teleport a unit to a random location on the map.
  • Teleport a unit to the tile occupied by them X turns ago.
  • Random Hand of Fate – Gain a random stat boost every turn. Or a penalty?
  • Time Paradox – select a soldier as target. Create a temporary copy of that soldier, warping them in from the future, with higher rank, more perks, better stats and better gear.
  • Reality Breach – summon a pod of *random* characters that would fight against all other units on the field.
  • Hide and Seek – grant concealment to a random soldier and a random enemy.
  • Silence -prevents targeted enemies from using Psionic powers for several turns.
  • Erase – removes certain (random?) abilities from targeted enemy until the end of combat.
  • Spellsteal – steal an ability from the targeted enemy and gain it yourself.
  • Change target size – allies are increased in size, gaining the ability to break through walls and gaining HP, but getting a Defense penalty, while enemies are reduced in size, reducing their HP, but gaining a Defense bonus.
  • Transform the target enemy into a different random enemy.
  • Force the target Faceless to assume humanoid form, making them much easier to kill. Alternatively: transform target organic unit into a wild Faceless that’s hostile to everyone.
  • Send the target enemy into the future. They will disappear, and have a chance to reappear later on this mission or one of the next ones.
  • Roll back the HP and position of the unit to what it was X turns ago.
  • An ability that would allow psionic units to “go in” the body of another allied soldier. Their own physical body temporarily disappears from the map, while the soldier with that psionic unit inside of them gains some sort of bonuses; essentially becoming a super soldier. And the psionic soldier that is inside can still use all of their psionic abilities.
  • Astral Projection – leave your physical body behind to create a ghost that can traverse through walls, scout around and cast abilities. Caster’s body remains unconscious while the ghost is running around. The ghost cannot be damaged, but it is forced to disappear when hit by an attack.

I’ve also been watching a lot of speedruns lately, and while I’d never speedrun any games myself, I find the scene interesting and the terms they use to be attractive. So it could be fun to have a Runner specialization dedicated to speedrunning, with perks like:

  • Personal Best – take a shot. If that shot hits, it will become your new personal best. The next time Personal Best is used with a chance to hit better than your previous personal best, you are guaranteed to hit.
  • Alt. – Take a shot. If it hits, it will deal as much damage as the most damage this soldier has dealt with a single attack over the course of the campaign.
  • On Pace – gain +mobility every time you move the maximum movement distance. The bonus stacks, but is lost if you do not move maximum distance.
  • Major Glitch – teleport to a random tile on the map, free action.
  • Any Percent — Major Glitch can be reused multiple times on the turn you activate it for the first time.
  • Save Time – extend mission timer.
  • World Record Holder – gain bonus stats if this soldier has the highest mobility in your barracks.
  • RNG Manipulation – if 2 shots in a row miss, your next shot is guaranteed to hit.
  • Good RNG – your next shot is guaranteed to hit (or guaranteed to roll maximum damage / crit)
  • No Clip – move through walls (wraith suit effect)
  • Data Manipulation
  • Out of bounds
  • SR 50 – gain a bonus move when you spend all actions on a full distance diagonal move.
  • First Try – gain a bonus to successful actions when performing them for the first time, e.g. shooting an enemy.
  • A Boxwhat can be done with it?

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