Psi Overhaul

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

This would be my own take on implementing Psi in XCOM. My idea is to have it working similar to how it was in XCOM Enemy Within, where every soldier can learn psionic abilities and use them alongside their standard perks. A mod like that already exists, but it doesn’t quite accomplish everything I want:

  • Any soldier of any class can get into the Psi Lab for a few days to learn a (random?) psionic ability.
  • More powerful abilities have lower chance / take longer to learn / require higher rank.
  • Perhaps, I’d make it possible to learn a specific ability, but it takes longer than getting it at random. E.g. the soldier would be learning a specific ability rather than what they have natural talent for.
  • All abilities scale with Psi Offense, not just Mindcontrol and such.
  • Psi Amps reduce ability cooldown? Give bonus to Psi Offense? Or are just removed?
  • It’s also possible to spend time in Psi Lab to get a stacking boost to Psi Offense.
  • Psi Operatives are disabled? Or allowed to function normally? Psi Rookies?
  • Note to self: UIArmory_PromotionPsiOp  <- class used for “stuff” that happens in psi lab slot, presumably

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