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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

It would be my honor to be the one to add Pilotable Mechs to XCOM 2. Rough outlines for the planned mod:

  • A lot of inspiration taken from MechWarrior 3 and 4.
  • The mech would be slightly bigger than Sectopods and would reuse many of their animations.
  • On-board AI, fully voiced via text-to-speech voice pack, but unable to control the mech without a pilot. More like Cortana and less like SPARK.
  • It is yet to be determined how the mech would be deployed on tactical missions, and whether it would be stored aboard the Avenger. Obviously, it would be too big to fit in the Skyranger.
  • Once a mech is deployed, one of your soldiers can get in to pilot the Mech. Potentially there could be a whole animation/cutscene of the soldier getting inside the mech and booting it up, with the on-board AI recounting: “Reactor: online, weapon systems: online, etc”.
  • Since this mod will require an absolutely massive amount of work, I don’t want to bloat it with pointless features such as having a separate “Pilot” soldier class. Any soldier will be able to pilot the mech, however the experience accumulated while in the mech will make the soldier a more effective pilot.
  • On-board weapon systems include autocannons, lasers and multiple launch rocket systems.
  • Potentially the mech might be able to shoot down incoming ADVENT dropships with anti-air missiles.
  • Locational damage: each body part of the mech can be damaged separately, damaging or destroying whichever subsystem is associated with that body part. E.g. damaging a leg will slow the mech down, while destroying an arm with a weapon will render that weapon permanently inoperable.
  • Pilot injury can potentially occur if the mech’s armor has been damaged.
  • Center torso of the mech holds the reactor. If the center torso is critically damaged, the reactor might overload, causing a massive explosion. In that case the pilot would have a turn to eject, or choose to sacrifice their life and continue fighting for one more turn, and then blowing up together with the mech.
  • Modular loadout system would be lovely, but it likely will mean too much extra work.
  • Visually, I want the mech to resemble a Mad Cat:

6 replies on “Pilotable Mechs”

Very cool idea! You mentioned you don’t really want to make a specific class, but I really like the idea when paired with a specific pilot class to support it while still retaining the option for a regular soldier. Possible ejected on death of the mech. Maybe an optional trained-only class so you still have the option and not have a useless pilot show up at random when you’re not prepared for them. Somebody else might have fun building such a class too if you make the code open enough.

Wow, Just fond this site, this would be epic! Maybe just have 1 rpgo spec and/or perk that would allow for the soldier to be certified as a pilot and allows for simple use of repair or extended weapon functionality. They could use something like a pilot key (could house the ability to call down their mech in battle, can have different keys for different mech which could be purchased in engineering and then slowly built in the proving ground once parts for the mech has been purchased from engineering) as a primary weapon which would limit their fire power and additional specs to their secondary (could be for balance reasons).

This idea has so much potential, have not seen anything like it since the Tank Mod!

You haven’t seen anything like it period.

While the tank mod was also ambitious, it was pretty poorly done. fireborn not bothering to credit the five other people who helped him make it is also part of the reason he ended up as a pariah to the majority of the XCOM community. Funnily enough, despite him also being kind of an asshole, Steam didn’t ban him until he decided to not even credit the developers of assets he used from a different game in another mod, which could actually have gotten Valve sued, hence his permanent ban.

In any case, when this mod is made, it’ll walk all over that Tank mod. Quite literally. 😀

REALLY! cool idea, I’ve always been a fan of the piloted mechs genre and TITANFALL 2 is still one of my favorite “play-it-again” games 😊

Speaking of Titanfall, this type of deployment could also be a perfect solution for a mod, basically it would be launched from the Avenger and then drop down onto the combat zone. So you would place a marker within the selected soldiers LoS, like when calling for evac, then after one turn the Mech would land and maybe for a bit of fun it could have a little scatter effect, so that it might not always land exactly where you want it to 😄

Would be epic if there was an upgrade/talent to gain some kind of passive void or reflective shielding, like having a small chance to completely absorb the kinetic energy form a shot resulting in 0 damage or just reflect an attack back at the target.

Man just picture firing a barrage of shoulder mounted missiles into a building packed with enemies just before trading blows 1v1 with a sectopod… (of course the rest of your team would be cleaning up the small guys XD)

“Potentially the mech might be able to shoot down incoming ADVENT dropships with anti-air missiles”

I think this idea could be turned into a standalone mod
just give the officers “delay reinforcements” ability to Sparks and mecs
let them shoot in the air and end the turn
call it a day
Id install that

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