Pilotable Mechs

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Pilotable Mechs – mechwarrior style. They would be about Sectopod-sized and would reuse many of their animations.

Once a mech is deployed on a Tactical Mission, one of your soldiers can get in to pilot the Mech.

I don’t wanna create a whole separate Pilot class for Mechs, but I might do some bonus perks that are unlocked when any particular soldier gains enough experience piloting a Mech.

Mechs would have several weapons and multiple subsystems, such as Power Core, Sensors, etc. Each individual component can be damaged separately, inflicting status effects on the Mech.

I would love for the mechs to have a modular loadout system, just like regular soldiers have, but that could prove difficult.

2 replies on “Pilotable Mechs”

Very cool idea! You mentioned you don’t really want to make a specific class, but I really like the idea when paired with a specific pilot class to support it while still retaining the option for a regular soldier. Possible ejected on death of the mech. Maybe an optional trained-only class so you still have the option and not have a useless pilot show up at random when you’re not prepared for them. Somebody else might have fun building such a class too if you make the code open enough.

Wow, Just fond this site, this would be epic! Maybe just have 1 rpgo spec and/or perk that would allow for the soldier to be certified as a pilot and allows for simple use of repair or extended weapon functionality. They could use something like a pilot key (could house the ability to call down their mech in battle, can have different keys for different mech which could be purchased in engineering and then slowly built in the proving ground once parts for the mech has been purchased from engineering) as a primary weapon which would limit their fire power and additional specs to their secondary (could be for balance reasons).

This idea has so much potential, have not seen anything like it since the Tank Mod!

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