Peter Van Doorn

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  • September 30, 2020 - September 30, 2030

Peter Van Doorn was a non-playable character in XCOM: Enemy Unknown; a VIP you had to rescue on a council mission. Over the course of the mission he would speak a few lines, demonstrating his brash and courageous personality. His borderline unhealthy bravado has earned Van Doorn the love and adoration of the community to the point where the famous Long War mod has added Van Doorn as a playable character, granted to the player after completing that council mission. This had a completely enchanting effect on myself, and inspired me to eventually create the Denmother mod.

Van Doorn is available in XCOM 2 as an easter egg, which adds him to the campaign as a fully-leveled Ranger with pre-set appearance and unique face. No familiar voice, unfortunately, and the fact that Van Doorn only says a few lines in Enemy Within prevents modders from creating a proper voicepack for him.

Perhaps I could treat this downside as an opportunity, and create a text-to-speech voicepack for him, allowing him to retain his uniquely personalized lines and character without having access to original voice actor. We could play around it in gameplay as if his vocal cords were damaged by an injury, and replaced with an implant.

In Long War, Van Doorn comes into the soldier roster with the Steadfast perk, which means he’s immune to most sources of Panic, which is a much more important mechanic than in XCOM 2. Perhaps we could replicate that perk’s functionality, or simply make him immune to panic, period.

He can become a soldier of any class, but he’s most well known for being a Gunner due to Beaglerush’s streams.

In XCOM 2, he’s added as a Ranger. I’m not sure which approach would preferable for this mod. On one hand, we already have a Ranger in Bradford; On two hand, there is an unused shotgun model in XCOM 2 files that we could put to good use here:

As far as narrative goes, in XCOM 2 Bradford does mention Van Doorn, but he speaks negatively of him. Perhaps, we could introduce Van Doorn’s recruitment mission as him being intent on joining the Resistance, and appearing on one of the missions to help you out, at the “cost” of being accepted into the crew. Maybe he would appear specifically on missions that go poorly and offer his help, and the player can accept or decline his offer, and depending on the choice, he joins the squad and then the crew, if he survives, or leaves to appear later.

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