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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Current officer mods either don’t work or are underwhelming. I’d like to do better. Ideas:

  • Any soldier can become an officer, in addition to their normal soldier perks, but this comes at the cost of making soldier less effective at being a soldier of that particular class.
  • For example, officer perks can replace the row of the random “XCOM” perks. In order to become an officer, the soldier would have to spend their Ability Points on the added officer perks, making them less effective at being a soldier.
  • Main goal of officers is to boost tactical flexibility of a squad, and to provide the feeling of an epic commander leading the troops to glory.
  • Die Hard -> when an officer is killed, they can take one more action just before they die. It could be a “pass on the legacy” kind of action, that would offer permanent bonuses to the still-living members of the squad / whole avenger crew, or just a combat action.
  • Late ability: when activated, all capable soldiers can activate a “free shot” ability. The free shot does not actually activate until all soldiers pick a target, and then all shots are visualized together. Mostly intended for cinematic effect.
  • A skilled officer can make anything better. But they can only focus their attention on one thing at a time. So most of their orders would either have a strong effect on one individual, or ¬†affect the whole squad at once.
  • Designate rearguard: can be used only when most of the squad is near the evac zone. The targeted soldier loses the ability to evac until all capable soldiers evac first, and gets powerful offensive and reaction fire bonuses.
  • Keep Firing! -> when activated, all nearby squadmembers will fire an additional shot against the next enemy they engage this turn.
  • Walking Fire -> the whole squad walks forward, firing on the move in front of them.
  • Incoming! -> for this turn, all Hunkered Down soldiers take 75% less damage from explosions.
  • Eyes Peeled -> all soldiers currently on Overwatch gain an additional overwatch shot.
  • No name yet: All soldiers get an Overwatch shot that will be removed at the end of turn (before the enemy turn begins). The idea is to actively pushing into to unknown territory, hoping to reveal the enemy pod. Enemies engaged in this manner will get shot before they can scamper, and if they survive, they may take Action Point penalties during their next turn.

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