[RELEASED] More SPARK / MEC Trooper Weapons

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030
    13:30 - 17:00

Votes: 58

This mod has been released as SPARK Arsenal. It had 58 Voting Tokens spent on it and took 7 months to develop. This was my design document, but as you can see, the resulting mod is different in a lot of ways. Original mod idea description follows below:

Potential weapons include:

  • Big artillery cannon or a recoilless rifle primary weapon that has to reload after each shot.
  • Pile Bunker / Kinetic Strike Module secondary weapon for meleeing.
  • Rocket Pods secondary weapon.

Could potentially create an Alpha Strike ability, where a SPARK / MEC prepares for a turn and then unleashes a Saturation Fire + Missile Barrage at a targeted zone for a hell of area damage. Few things as epic as a big robot standing in pose and creating a firestorm of bullets and rockets.

Potentially use smaller versions of some of this equipment for EXO and WAR Suits. I don’t like how “heavy weapons” in XCOM2 are puny one-use wrist-mounted devices.

The primary goal of this mod is to provide more tactical options for SPARKs and MEC Troopers, and the secondary goal is to get rid of BITs. I hate their entire concept.

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