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  • June 5, 2020 - June 5, 2030
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I’m generally happy with how Gene Mods turned out, but I have issues with particular gene mods I created, in particular:

Tranquil Mind, besides crappy name, seems to confuse a lot of people, leading to them shooting themselves in the foot by putting it on psionic classes. It needs to be redesigned somehow.

Chatoic Mind – bad name.

Cheetah Genes – too cumbersome to play around, I’d like to replace the current implementation with something more straightforward, like an ability to gain several move actions at the cost of becoming immobilized next turn. Or for a something completely new, your Mobility stat is permanently increased, but you can move only once per turn.

Berserker Genes – perpetually broken.

I would also like to add a few more Gene Mods, such as:

Mule Genes -> Gain an extra utility slot but suffer a reduction to Combat Intelligence. (Carry extra weight with Inventory Overhaul).

Wolf Genes -> Gain +5% Crit per each soldier in the squad with Wolf Genes. “Teamwork” ability gains a bonus charge for every bondmate with Wolf Genes.

Polar Fox Genes -> Sense nearby enemies and gain immunity to cold and freeze effects.

Red Fox Genes -> Cunning of the Fox grants increased combat intelligence.

Black Carapace -> +25 Dodge +2 Mobility while in an Exo Suit

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