Inventory Overhaul

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  • April 3, 2020 - April 3, 2030
    10:55 - 17:00

I would like to build a Weight / Capacity system that would allow soldiers to carry more smaller items, or fewer heavier items. It would come with minimal additions to the in-game interface.

The general idea is to outfit every soldier with effectively unlimited Utility Slots, and limit how much stuff they carry through Weight/Capacity system rather than inventory slots.

This mod idea ties in well with Sidearm Overhaul and True Utility Slot Secondary Weapons.

Carrying capacity would scale with armor, and carrying lots of items will penalize soldier’s mobility.

The concept for this Inventory Overhaul has been made by Beaglerush for Operators vs Aliens, but I believe there’s merit in making it a standalone mod. The design doc is here.

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