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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030
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A mix between a pistol and a sword. I would probably make full three tiers of them, and I’d invest some effort into making them compatible with both pistol and sidearm perks.

Perhaps I could make it a transformable weapon for one of the tiers.

2 replies on “Gunblade”

This is a cool ID! Could you conceive of a gun blade for’SPARK & MEC’? This will be the perfect solution for their’primary milli weapon’. (General anim for movement, transformed to sword mode only when performing melee attacks)

I’ve replied to this on the discord already, but I’ll copy my answer here for others to see.

A transformable gunblade for SPARKs is an interesting idea by itself, but it doesn’t do what I want swords for SPARKs to do, which is to be a primary melee weapon that can be used alongside a Ballistic Shield. Carrying a gunblade that spends 99% of time in the gun form does not fulfill the fantasy of a melee spark.

If I just wanted SPARKs to have swords by any means necessary, giving swords to them as a secondary weapon would have been much easier, but I don’t see much point in doing so, as the Kinetic Strike Module already exists as the go-to secondary melee weapon.

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