Gladiator Class

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Gladiator – inspired by Lineage 2 class with the same name, Gladiator uses dual swords and has a number of ranged abilities. Class traits:

  • Extra armor and HP, reduced Will and Mobility.
  • Uses Sonic Charges to power up their abilities.

Planned perks / abilities, in rough order of progression:

  • Sonic Focus -> grants sonic charges when activated. Amount of charges granted and maximum charge increases with soldier rank.
  • Triple Slash -> standard melee attack. Doesn’t scale with charges.
  • Sonic Blaster -> staple ranged attack, requires 2 charges. Can crit. Has cooldown.
  • Double / Triple Sonic Slash -> powerful melee attacks that deal bonus damage. Require 3 and 4 charges respectively. DSS can crit, while TSS ignores armor. TSS by itself is about 30% more powerful than DSS.
  • Sonic Buster / Sonic Storm -> deal small amount of splash damage. Require 2 charges but do not consume them. Can crit. Sonic Buster hits enemies near the Gladiator, while Sonic Storm is used as a ranged attack.
  • Sonic Rage -> Weak ranged ability that provides a sonic charge.
  • Vicious Stance -> consumes Will when activated, increase crit damage.
  • War Frenzy -> Consumes Will to provide a temporary immunity to stuns and unconscious effects.
  • Sonic Move -> Consumes 3 charges to provide temporary mobility boost.
  • Riposte Stance -> Consumes Will, reduces Aim and Mobility. Provides a chance to Reflect enemy attacks.
  • “Overhit” plays a role in LA2. Perhaps, make Overhit grant Sonic Charges? Or restore Will?
  • Most abilities have cooldowns and cooldown management is a big part of using Gladiator properly.
  • Additional perk ideas here.

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