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  • June 23, 2020 - June 23, 2030

I love the XCOM 2 narrative. Its story may be weird, and gets hella repetitive when replaying the game, but the fact that this game has high-quality cutscenes and voice acting puts it head and shoulders above games like Phoenix Point. At the same time, it’s not like there are tons and tons of cutscenes and narrative points. So we value each little piece. All the more reason why it feels weird that so much of the narrative you get to see only if you play through the Tutorial, which is (A) boring, and (B) sets you up for a suboptimal start.

So I would like to use that tutorial narrative to insert several additional missions to the start of the campaign. Perhaps, they would just cover the same thing as Tutorial, which is Rescuing Commander -> stealing a Power Core mission line.

However, ideally, I’d want to go further than that, and add several more missions, perhaps covering several key points in the XCOM 2 “lore”, such as it is. How the remnants of old XCOM meet with Raymund Shen, then with Vahlen, and the rest of the key story points from the canonized XCOM 2 Resurrection novel.

Or maybe I’d go for something in-between, where the first mission is you recovering the Avenger from the Aliens, followed up by gathering supplies and repairing the ship, and *then* followed up by rescuing Commander -> acquiring a Power Core.

This could also be an opportunity to keep Peter Osei and Ana Ramirez alive.

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