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  • August 22, 2020 - August 22, 2030

It always feels that despite all the narrative, the Resistance is sorely absent from the actual gameplay of the XCOM 2. I would like to build a mod that gives more presence to the resistance personnel we hear so much about.

There is no solid feature set to this idea yet, but here are some loose ideas in no particular order:

Resistance Reinforcements -> during tactical missions, you can get resistance operatives dropping in with parachutes and joining the fight. It would be a small squad, where each operative is specialized for performing certain tasks. For example, one of them would be a medic, that gives immediate priority to stabilizing your bleeding out soldiers, and healing up those who are wounded. Another one would be a gunner that suppresses most threatening enemies. Another one would be armed with a shotgun that would prioritize attacking enemies that get close to your squad. At least, that’s how I want it to work if I decide to keep these soldiers operated by the AI. It would probably be much simpler to just let the player command them until the end of the mission.

I haven’t decided what will trigger these reinforcements. Whether I should build a system that tries to detect when the mission is close to failure, and have those reinforcements drop in automatically, or whether it should be up to the player when to call them, and maybe even have them pay a certain strategic cost before deploying on the mission.

It would be cool to be able to set up your own thematic reinforcements, such as designating a couple of soldiers with medkits and make them a “medevac” team, or give a couple of them jet packs and shotguns, and have them be mobile assault crew.

The key difference from just dropping extra soldiers during the mission using the Dynamic Deployment from the Jet Packs mod is that these specifically would be *resistance* reinforcements. Resistance Operatives are weaker and more disposable than your regular XCOM squad, but you should still be able to customize their appearance and equipment at some point.

Support Strikes -> during tactical missions, you can call for support fire from a hidden artillery battery or even an assault jet doing a flyby.

Resistance HQ -> You could argue that technically Avenger is the Resistance HQ, but I would like for it to be a separate entity that is used by additional narrative we could add. I mean adding new voiceovers and “talking head” portrait in the corner that would comment on various events, just like Bradford does.

It would probably just be limited to commenting on the mentioned authorized reinforcements and support strikes.

Perhaps, I could expand the havens, like LW2 did. So you could visit each haven, scan there for various bonuses, invest resources to building up the strength of the local haven. Perhaps, you could permanently or temporarily assign some of your XCOM personnel to each haven, and then have *those* forces show up as reinforcements when you call them.

Resistance Missions -> I would like there to be some missions where instead of bringing your whole squad, you bring just 1-2 soldiers to lead a small group of resistance operatives to accomplish a certain task. Generally similar to LW2 haven missions where you hunt faceless infiltrators, but broader in scope. Some of these missions would be just supply runs, perhaps entirely replacing the “free” monthly supply drop.

Some of the missions would be precursors to starting regular XCOM missions. For example, you may have to do a mission to deploy some hacking equipment by escorting a resistance hacker from point A to point B through some enemies, and then you follow it up with the regular XCOM mission where you have to again access that hacking equipment.

No doubt this would be a technically challenging mod, and I’d be treading on a lot of previously unvisited territory, but I still think the general idea is cool enough to try.

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