Engineer Class

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030
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Engineer – a combat support class. Potential functions:

  • Deployable cover (sandbags and force fields).
  • Being able to seal doors.
  • Deployable manned and unmanned weaponry (mortar, machine gun, anti-materiel rifle).
  • Skulljack-related abilities, used as sort of Omni Tool.
  • Demolitions and EOD-related abilities: mines, explosives, diversion, sabotage.
  • Perhaps, a form of customizable C4 that lets you do things such as setting a timer, proximity triggers that allow it to double as a mine, having the engineer detonate it when concealment is broken, etc
  • Ammo replenishing.
  • Unique bonuses for carrying Disposable Rocket Launchers.

I know a lot of people are gonna ask for deployable automatic turrets as the main engagement method, akin to Engineer in TF2 and other numerous turret classes in other games. To be honest, I hate and loathe the whole concept, so just to be clear, while I might make an automated turret of sorts, it would be far from the main combat function of this class.

One reply on “Engineer Class”

I like this concept a lot.
All the ‘engineer’ classes out there are just basically grenadiers or specialists. I’ve always loved the ‘set-up-shop’ defense-type of classes in games. I do agree that automated sentries (as much as I like them myself) don’t need to be the inherent part. There are a few mods that add that as equipment anyways. Setting up a defensive position i think should be the main focus. Maybe having a tree split between hunker-down defense and more mobile options.

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