Dual Wielded Pistols Rework

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  • December 8, 2021 - December 8, 2030

I’d like to improve and rework the first big mod I ever made – Dual Wielded Pistols (1). But it would need several other companion mods released / updated alongside it.

There are several directions of improvement:

  1. Better animations for pistols and sawed off shotguns.
  2. New animations for autopistols.
  3. Cooking mod’s assets to reduce filesize.
  4. Better support for utility slot secondary weapons, so that more soldier classes can safely equip dual pistols in primary + secondary slot, and move their class-specific secondary weapon into the utility slot.

The last point in particular would require releasing True Utility Slot Sidearms (2) first.

And TUSS would require that Ability To Slot Reassignment (3) is fixed / re-released first, as the current public version suffers from several issues.

Dual Pistols themselves rely on (True) Primary Secondaries (4), as in order to equip dual pistols, the soldier needs to be able to equip a primary pistol first.

TPS also relies on ASR, but TPS itself has issues:

  1. It has known, fixable bugs.
  2. It’s massive in terms of filesize.
  3. Animations it adds could be better.

So TPS is something I’d like to update / re-release as well.

In summation, uploading a better version of Dual Wielded Pistols would actually require three other mods uploaded / updated first. I would prioritize them as follows:

Ability To Slot Reassignment > True Utility Slot Sidearms > True Primary Secondaries > Dual Wielded Pistols.

Ballistic Shields and Dual Wield Melee could be improved in terms of animations and cooking their assets as well.

With so many animation replacements, it might make sense to make one Animation Repository, and make other mods interact with it via Events. That would allow avoiding the same noodle code between different mods. Or, alternatively, Primary Secondaries + Dual Pistols + Dual Melee + their animations can be shipped into one big mod.

And let people allow/disallow specific equipment options in MCM.

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