Bushmaster Revolver

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  • June 23, 2020 - June 23, 2030

This is a mod request from a veteran patron. The idea is to kitbash a big powerful revolver. It is acquired relatively early in the campaign by scanning a point of interest.

The revolver starts out with relatively the same effectiveness as regular pistols, and it’s main stats are upgraded alongside XCOM pistols.

The unique thing about this revolver would be that it gets stronger as the user gains more experience with it.

  • Each kill with this revolver will increase the soldier’s crit chance with it.
  • At X kills, gain an additional passive ability: [Deadly Chain] -> Killing a unit with this weapon refunds an Action Point.
  • At Y kills, gain an additional active ability, can be used once per mission. [Six Gun] -> mark several targets. Each target is marked individually. You can’t mark more targets than you have ammo remaining. Once the targets are marked, execute the Six Gun ability, swiftly shooting each enemy. Similar to Faceoff, but with a fancier visualization that’s closer to Equilibrium.
  • Kills are tracked separately for all users. Lost don’t count.

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