Bushmaster Revolvers

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  • June 23, 2020 - June 23, 2030

This is a mod idea from a veteran patron. Bushmaster Revolves are a paired primary weapon. They would equip into the primary slot, but would be used as dual pistols. When used by Akimbo, they would fill both primary and secondary weapon slots.

There are no solid plans for their visuals yet, I might kitbash them or port a suitable model from somewhere else.

Their conventional tier – assuming they will be tiered – is likely gonna be filled by the RSh-12 revolver, a Russian powerhouse revolver chambered in 12.7 x 55mm cartridges, also used in ASh-12 assault carbine and Vykhlop sniper rifle.

Bushmaster Revolvers are acquired relatively early in the campaign by scanning a Point of Interest. The lore is that an old Reaper, a weapon smith, crafts them for XCOM to be used against the alien invasion.

Any class will be able to use them, using existing dual pistol animations. Their initial stats will be the same as a standard conventional pistol with just +5% Crit Chance for flavor.

Bushmaster Revolvers would not be able to equip weapon upgrades nor benefit from breakthroughs or special ammo. They don’t get upgraded to the next tier alongside other XCOM weapons; instead they are upgraded at a Point of Interest after the requisite research has been performed.

These revolvers are expertly crafted and have a huge potential, but require lots of experience to take full advantage of. These revolvers would have a personal kill tracker, separate for each user. (Lost kills don’t count)

  • Each kill with these revolvers grants +1% Crit Chance.
  • Five kills grant “Piercing Shot” ability, that penetrates 2/3/4 armor and applies a bleed effect. ~3 turn cooldown.
  • Fifteen kills grant “Deadly Chain” passive ability that grants a shoot-only action for every killshot.
  • Thirty kills grant “Six Gun” ability: you can mark targets. As many targets as there are ammo remaining. A single target can be marked multiple times. Then an attack is performed against each mark.

Additionally, there would be new “Bushmaster Training” Covert Actions for 1 soldier and 1 engineer or scientist that increase combat intelligence and grant an additional perk that works only while using Bushmaster revolvers:

  • Bushmaster: Deadshot: +1 Damage, +1 Crit Damage
  • Bushmaster: Bullseye: +10 Aim
  • Bushmaster: Disabling shot: 33%-chance to disable enemy weapon on hit.

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