Bow Weapon

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030
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I would add at least three tiers of bows, along with various ammunition types and custom firing animations. Over the years there’s been a lot of talk between talented modders about adding a bow weapon, so I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. I’d be happy to make it my own thing, or to collaborate with other people.

I’m also interesting in making a “psionic bow” ability of sorts for Templars.

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A cool idea would be a quiver system to really make it very unique, my idea would be you have to have a quiver as a secondary “weapon” with the bow as primary. Three teirs of quiver upgraded along side armor (T1/T2/T3 Quiver, 8/12/16 arrows) You use the upgrade weapon menu to switch arrows out. Arrow ideas 3 tiers each: standard broadhead, tri-point broadhead (more damage or bleed effect on unarmored biologicals, Bodkin (armor piercing), Explosive/Support (all/most of the different explosives including support like flash and smoke), healing syringe tip (long range healing is cool), Electic (disorient/stun/knock out enemies with decending chances and deal bonus damage against robots and ignore armor), Grapple arrows (free action but only one can be fired a turn). Only Standard, Tri-Point, Bodkin, and Grapple can be retrieved during tactical missions to be fired again (50/50 chance of breaking when fired so sometimes you can’t pick them up and could not have any arrows left except grapple which never break). Bow can be used a weak melee with knockback or stun for escape or if you run out of arrows. Arrows function similar to grenades in that one can be used once per mission per arrow equipped but don’t leave Avenger inventory. Different styles of bows for all tiers for cosmetic reasons or different properties (Recurve Wood/Alloys/Beam weapon material look could be stealthier or fire twice per turn but deal less damage, Compound Metal/Alloy/Beam could deal more damage but only one shot a turn or less stealthy). This is your mod so you do whatever you want and knowing your mods it’ll be amazing, I just thought I’d share my ideas on the off chance it would help the development process of this one.

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