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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030
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I’d love to be the one to create bows for XCOM 2.

I would make bows of several tiers, conventional -> magnetic -> beam at the minimum, potentially with coil and laser tiers as well. With quivers, of course.

Bows would have relatively short range, and would not do a lot of damage per standard shot, but would not require reloading and would have an infinite supply of basic arrows. While it’s possible to set up a system of having a finite number of arrows that can be recovered and reused later, that doesn’t seem like it would serve an interesting purpose, while it would still take effort to make, and seems weird, considering regular soldiers can reload any number of times by default.

They would be stealthy weapons, allowing the soldier to engage enemies from concealment and stay concealed for longer.

I haven’t decided whether the bow would be a primary or a secondary weapon. I’d prefer to have it as a primary, but I might be unable to find suitable animations for the soldier running and standing with a bow. Similarly, I haven’t decided whether I will make the bow held in left (preferable) or right hand.

Shooting the bow would, of course, require making custom animations, and I’m fine with that.

Over the years I’ve been exposed to plenty of media that had cool bows and archers in them, including fantasy, modern or futuristic settings. Some of my favorites are:

  • John Rambo and his explosive arrows and stealthy takedowns.
  • Lars Andersen and his amazing trick shots and speed shooting. I’d love to create an ability where the soldier fires several shots while holding spare arrows in their draw hand.
  • Crysis 3 bow that requires a powered exoskeleton to shoot. Could potentially make a weapon upgrade for bows that locks that bow to being usable only for soldiers with an EXO or WAR Suit and grant increased damage.
  • Katniss Everdeen. She didn’t do anything particularly cool with a bow, at least in the first two movies I’ve seen, but her survival prowess is respectable. She did use a cable towed by an arrow to hit something with electricity, which seems pretty cool, though XCOM already does with with Skirmishers’ Whiplash ability.
  • Uryu Ishida from Bleach with his spirit bow. Could potentially implement something like that as a Psionic Bow for Templars. Calling it a Soul Bow with a Soul Shot would be a nice homage to Lineage 2. Soul Rend sounds like a nice ability name as well.
  • Various archer classes in World of Warcraft and Lineage 2.
  • This person and their auto-aim bow sounds real fun.

Overall, plenty of places to draw inspiration from. Speaking of classes, I could potentially create a custom soldier class that uses a bow and a combat knife, with a mix of abilities from all of the sources above. That said, coming with both custom weapons *and* a custom soldier class would take a lot of time, so I’m not sure whether I want to do that. If I choose not to create a custom class, the prime candidate for getting bows would be, of course, Reapers and other stealth classes.

Could implement more special arrows other than explosive ones, though I would rather implement them as abilities rather than items. Also, it would probably be easier to just make bow attacks benefit from special ammo, like Dragon Rounds. No reason to reinvent the wheel, seeing as there is already a system of adding special effects to regular weapon attacks in this game.

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A cool idea would be a quiver system to really make it very unique, my idea would be you have to have a quiver as a secondary “weapon” with the bow as primary. Three teirs of quiver upgraded along side armor (T1/T2/T3 Quiver, 8/12/16 arrows) You use the upgrade weapon menu to switch arrows out. Arrow ideas 3 tiers each: standard broadhead, tri-point broadhead (more damage or bleed effect on unarmored biologicals, Bodkin (armor piercing), Explosive/Support (all/most of the different explosives including support like flash and smoke), healing syringe tip (long range healing is cool), Electic (disorient/stun/knock out enemies with decending chances and deal bonus damage against robots and ignore armor), Grapple arrows (free action but only one can be fired a turn). Only Standard, Tri-Point, Bodkin, and Grapple can be retrieved during tactical missions to be fired again (50/50 chance of breaking when fired so sometimes you can’t pick them up and could not have any arrows left except grapple which never break). Bow can be used a weak melee with knockback or stun for escape or if you run out of arrows. Arrows function similar to grenades in that one can be used once per mission per arrow equipped but don’t leave Avenger inventory. Different styles of bows for all tiers for cosmetic reasons or different properties (Recurve Wood/Alloys/Beam weapon material look could be stealthier or fire twice per turn but deal less damage, Compound Metal/Alloy/Beam could deal more damage but only one shot a turn or less stealthy). This is your mod so you do whatever you want and knowing your mods it’ll be amazing, I just thought I’d share my ideas on the off chance it would help the development process of this one.

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