Bio-boosted Armor

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Heavily inspired by Guyver franchise, which is an obscure and little known Anime / Movies from my childhood, and also a manga that I didn’t read. Bio-boosted Armor is a symbiotic alien organism which permanently fuses with any soldier that activates it. Then the soldier can call upon the Guyver in combat, summoning a suit of alien armor that confers extra abilities for a time.

  • Summoning the Guyver damages nearby units and environment in a sphere.
  • Guyver has a number of weapons at their disposal:
  • Forehead Laser that uses stored excess body heat to deal damage at range. Can benefit from Squadsight.
  • Elbow Vibroblades that deal high melee damage. If overused, they stop vibrating, becoming simple blades.
  • Mouthpiece holds some sort of a sonic weapon that can destroy slow moving projectiles such as rockets, as well as destabilize enemies’ structural integrity at close range.
  • Guyver can control gravity to jump higher or even fly, as well as to fire a Pressure Cannon that deals high damage, but weak against armor.
  • Megasmasher is Guyver’s most powerful weapon, it fires one or two highly damaging beams from Guyver’s chest. Megasmasher has a notable cooldown to it.
  • Finally Guyver is simply physically strong, and could crush “weak” human-like enemies with bare hands.
  • Sensors on Guyver’s head allow them to sense enemy presence even through walls.
  • Guyver can be active for a limited period of time, and its features become weaker once its out of “juice”.
  • There can be up to three Guyvers in total, and they can communicate telepathically.
  • Guyver’s armor is highly resistance to bullets, but it’s weak against Acid.
  • In the end, Guyver is still a biological being, and it can be wounded, losing some of its functions at least temporarily.
  • All of these features are governed by the Control Medallion located at Guyver’s forehead.
  • As long as the Control Medallion is intact, Guyver’s user cannot be killed permanently while the Guyver is active. Even if blown to smithereens, their body will regenerate in time, growing out of the Control Medallion.
  • Even if Guyver’s brain is destroyed, the Control Medallion will take over combat functions, allowing the soldier to fight on autopilot, until the brain is regenerated and the human gains control once again, but it might take some time, and until then the Guyver will attack anything, including its allies.
  • Other than telepathic communication, Guyver does not confer any special abilities while in human form.
  • The Control Medallion will obey the human brain, even if the latter doesn’t function properly, especially psychologically. A disturbed mind will be unable to summon the Guyver, and suffering from mental trauma might deactivate the Guyver prematurely.

As you can see, not all of these elements play naturally into XCOM’s gameplay loop, but I still feel like I could cook up something special. However, the mod would undoubtedly be a massive undertaking, as it would require modelling, texturing, rigging, animating and a crapton of coding to pull off in order to do it justice.

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