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  • March 2, 2021 - March 2, 2030

These ideas are not big enough to warrant a full-blown patron vote, and I may do some of them out of order from time to time. If you express interest in a particular idea on this list, it may be done sooner rather than later.


I’ve been musing over the idea of kitbashing a few muskets from Alien Hunters Boltcaster and Shadowkeeper. There’s no particular reason for it, I just think it can be fun to make and use these, even though they obviously don’t fit the setting. I would be going for a fantasy-like kind of muskets, same as Boltcaster and Shadowkeeper themselves. Ideally I’d do all five tiers at the same time.

I’m also reminded of the one character from Hellsing, who used her telekinetic abilities to steer bullets fired by her musket, which imbued them with impeccable precision and even allowed them to hit multiple units at once. Maybe this could be represented as a separate psionic musket, or a special ability that would be granted when the musket is used by a psionic soldier.

Bonus Effects on Melee Weapons Rework

Mag-tier melee weapons apply stun, while beam tier apply burning. This creates a conflict of interest, because often removing an enemy from combat for a turn is much more powerful than dealing a bit of extra damage.

There are mods out there that make beam tier melee weapons apply both burning and stun, but that’s just overpowered, in my opinion.

The idea behind this mod is to remove these bonus effects from melee weapons, and make weapon upgrades that provide them instead. Possible effects include poison, acid, fire, stun, armor penetration, and many others.

Perhaps melee weapons may receive a special weapon upgrade that allows them to benefit from special Ammo. No reason to come up with a system of applying special effects to attacks when it already exists.

SMG and Bullpup Overhaul

This mod would consist of stat tweaks, the goal would be to introduce meaningful and balanced difference between Rifles, SMGs and Bullpups. I would probably use LW1 for inspiration.

Dynamic Soldier Attitudes

I would build a system that would automatically adjusts soldiers’ attitudes in the Armory (e.g. By The Book / Hard Luck / etc) based on soldier’s condition and performance during the campaign. Like, if they are your star soldier that kills 4 soldiers per mission without ever getting a scratch, they would get the “Cocky” attitude. If they constantly get wounded, then they become “Hard Luck”. If they have multiple negative traits, they become “Twitchy”. That sort of thing.

Perhaps this mod can rely on the Nice Mission Debriefing to supply the info.

Armor Repair Kit

Armor Repair Kit – works like a med-kit, but can be used to repair Shredded Armor and Ablative HP granted by Ballistic Shields. This kind of item is a necessity for tanky builds. Should be able to “heal” SPARKs / MECs as well.

I think there are overhaul mods already that add their own versions of the Repair Kit, but nothing standalone.

Arc Thrower Overhaul

LW2 Arc Throwers are used only by LW2 Assaults, which is somewhat restrictive. I’m considering reworking them into Arc Pistols that can be used by all soldiers who normally carry pistols, and make them work with existing pistol perks. The would deal electric damage that bypasses armor and deals bonus damage to robotic units. Maybe it would have a chance to disorient or stun.

Delayed Purifier Death

Instead of randomly blowing up when killed, Purifiers would fall to their knees, engulfed in flames with 1 HP remaining, and blow up at least a turn later, or the next time they take damage. Besides being a cool visualization, it would also make meleeing Purifiers not a mad gamble. In some circumstances it will be a nerf to XCOM, as you won’t have Purifiers blowing up and damaging all other nearby enemies when they drop in as reinforcements under your Overwatch fire.

Negative Traits for Bleedout

I would build a new bleedout system that works similar to Dragon Age: Origins. A critically wounded soldier would always bleed out, but for each bleedout they would get a Negative Trait that provides a permanent debuff to combat stats until the trait is removed in the Infirmary or by a Trauma Kit.

Trauma Kit would be a Tier 3 Med Kit that removes one Negative Trait from the soldier.

Anti-Psionic Protocol

The Mindshield item gets a lot of heat for being overpowered, and in general I think that invalidating part of a game is good design. It also takes a slot, preventing the player from carrying something more interesting instead.

I’ve been thinking about making the Sectoid Autopsy work as a Anti-Psionic Protocol instead, where completing it would grant access to a some kind of anti-psionic grenade and anti-psionic ammo, similar to the Bluescreen Protocol.

I would prefer these items would do something more interesting than just deal a lot of damage to psionic units. Perhaps they could prevent use, or significantly weaken psionic abilities of affected units, as well as expose them to more damage from other soldiers, or panic them.

Mostly I want to get the feeling of a clear change of tactics before/after, like “I was afraid of you and had to run from you before, now I get to go medieval on your arse”.

Missed Shots Hit Other Units

In XCOM 2, missed shots can hit environment objects, but not other units. As soon as Highlander version 1.22 ships, I could develop a mod that allows missed shots to hit other units if they happen to be in a position where they can be reasonably hit by the missed shot. This mechanic would force the player to be a bit more careful in certain situations, but other than that it’s mostly a “kinda makes sense” mod.

Port Weapons

While porting stuff is generally not what I do, there are a few weapons that I particularly adore and wish for them to exist in XCOM 2, even if that means buying the model from a professional artist.

Morita Rifle – a weapon from the Starship Troopers franchise. The original 1997 movie is my one of my most favorite movies ever, and the Morita Rifle is absolutely iconic for me.

I would make a standard variant with an underbarrel shotgun, and a carbine variant. Also maybe a marksman variant with a scope. Or perhaps I would make the carbine variant to be standard, and make underbarrel shotgun and scope function as regular weapon upgrades.

The model would have to adjusted to fit XCOM proportions; weapons in this game have very short stocks, and lengthy bullpup stocks are tough to accommodate.

M41 Pulse Rifle – a weapon from the Aliens franchise. I would make just one version with an underbarrel grenade launcher, probably using a high definition model from the Internet. I know there are Pulse Rifle mods in the workshop, but I don’t think they do justice to this weapon. I want to do it right.

Caster – a weapon from the Outlaw Star anime, Caster is a technomagic pistol that fires shells with spells inside. I’d have to use a model from the Internet for this weapon.

There’s a variety of shells with different effects, though they’re not described too well, and usually boil down to “powerful blast that obliterates the target”, so I’d have to come up with something more original for this mod. Or perhaps in a much simpler vein, Caster can be a cosmetic alternative to Psi Amps.

Weapons from the Unreal Franchise – Unreal Tournament is one of my favorite game series, and I love its unique weapons that are all so satisfying to use. I’d like to implement some of them as Tier 4 weapons similar to how I made Phaser Rifle a Tier 4 Assault Rifle.

So far I want to do:

Flak Cannon (shotgun). Primary fire – regular shotgun shot, secondary shot – fragmentation grenade.

Minigun (cannon). Similar to the regular cannon with spinning barrels, but 2nd+ shots against the same target performed back to back have increased rate of fire, so they deal more damage.

Lebedev Pistol – just a beautiful pistol with an unusual frame shape.

Ability Ideas

Some assorted ideas for various abilities that don’t have not found their place in bigger mods yet.

Tackle Ability – an ability for SPARKs / MECs / WAR Suits to push enemies around and perhaps even break them through walls. There’s not much to this ability other than relaying the raw power of these combatants. The point would be satisfying visualization rather than creating some sort of important gameplay options that didn’t exist before. The trick is in the knockback functionality of the XCOM 2, which is very limited and does not work well in general.

Demon Slash – this would be a visualization update for the Teleport Slash ability from the Musashi’s Katana Mod. I would make it look like a generic anime trope, where the soldier teleports through the target to attack them in melee, and then sheathes their sword, and only then the enemy takes damage.

Escape Artist

  • When constricted by a Viper, automatically free yourself on the next turn.
  • When this soldier would be captured by Advent, they have a high chance to escape, and you can recover them later by scanning a Point of Interest on Geoscape.
  • If they do get captured and you have a mission to free them from Advent Prison, the soldier can hack the cell door from the inside without setting off the alarm / soldier’s door will be unlocked right away.
  • Some sort of ability that makes it easier for the soldier to reach the evac point, either with normal moves from a greater distance, or with extra free moves.

Update Old Mods

There are a few older mods of mine that I wish to update or rework. Unlike with big mods, like Jet Packs and Underbarrel Attachments, it wouldn’t require a lot of effort.

Scouting Protocol Improvements I would make Scouting Protocol scale with GREMLIN Tiers. Tier 2 would be able to keep hovering in an area, providing Squadsight for snipers.  Tier 3 would mark enemies to make them easier to hit, and reveal their location through walls.

Ammo Belt – I have already released this mod for vanilla XCOM 2, could port it to WOTC, and improve it along the way. Ammo Belt is a utility item that allows to spend an action to reload the weapon of another nearby soldier. Would be cool to add a few cosmetic ammo belts as well.

Beowulf Rifles – were my first attempt at kitbashing models in XCOM 2. The whole mod owes its existence to the .50 Beowulf round, and there are AR-15 variants that can fire it in full auto. It’s absolutely pointless, but also powerful and awesome. And you know me, I like things like hat a lot.

However, the models I made are virtually indistinguishable from regular Assault Rifles, and I don’t love that.

So I’d like to revisit that mod. I don’t have any particular ideas on how to remake the rifle models to be different and distinctive, so I was thinking about changing the general philosophy of the mod. I would rather create a High Caliber Barrel weapon upgrade that can be equipped on Assault Rifles to boost their damage, but reduce ammo capacity and effective range.

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I believe I threw in some tokens for Dynamic Soldier Attitudes during the last round of voting, so I think that would make for a fun mod for people to have.

Yep, I have refunded those tokens, so you can spend them on something else now. But I’ll note your interest in it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make, so hopefully I can get to it sooner rather than later.

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