[RELEASED] Alien Hunters Weapons Rebalance

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  • September 30, 2020 - September 30, 2030

This mod idea has been realized in [WOTC] Stealth Bolt Casters and [WOTC] Alien Hunters Weapons Rebalance.

Alien Hunters weapons have two big downsides:

1) They’re overpowered. There’s just no going against it, they’re directly superior to existing XCOM weapons. While I don’t mind them having unique abilities, I believe dealing more damage should be off limits, especially considering that if you play with the DLC mission, you get them essentially for free very early in the campaign.

2) The Integrated DLC option are a bloody mess. If you play with the DLC mission, you get the weapons merely for scanning a point of interest. However, if you select the Integrated DLC option, you must complete Experimental Weapons research, then you have to complete a Proving Grounds project for each individual weapon to acquire it, which takes much more time and can take place only much later in the campaign.

I would like to address both of these issues by nerfing the weapons’ stats and abilities. For example, throwing the Axe should take an action point, in my opinion.

I would also like the Experimental Weapons research to grant conventional versions of weapons immediately, removing the Proving Grounds projects from the equation. Also, I don’t like that each weapon must be upgraded separately, and I would rather tie them existing XCOM upgrade schematics, e.g. so that Shadowkeeper is upgraded alongside other XCOM pistols.

This mod could also change the Bolt Caster into a Reaper weapon, with some additional mechanics related to concealment.

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