Akimbo Class Improvements

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  • April 2, 2020 - April 2, 2030

Improve Animations and FX – not really happy with many current animations, a lot of them were rushed. I would like to take another pass at them and polish them out, maybe add a few surplus animations, chosen by abilities at random. Potential additions:

  • Improve firing animations.
  • Add a dodging animation to Gun Kata. Or perhaps rework it work as a ranged counterattack.
  • Add an activation animation and FX for Limit Break.
  • Add an optional reloading animation where the soldier “throws away” their current pistols, and pulls out “new” ones, like Neo did in Matrix and Reaper does in Overwatch.
  • Improve sound design, add special FX to certain abilities, especially pistol spinning.

TLP Armory Attitudes – an often requested feature.

Dual Wield Autopistols – need a set of firing animations.

Dual Wield SMGs – this would be possible only with EXO or WAR suit equipped, and possibly would also require a lategame perk, and come with penalties to mobility and accuracy.

Akimbo Ability Overhaul – not really happy with how Akimbo turned out to be. I’d like to redesign the class around these strengths and weaknesses:

  • The class should be strong against multiple weak enemies, but weak against single powerful ones, particularly robotic ones. MEC should make Akimbo run screaming like a little girl, and seeing a Sectopod should make them call for evac.
  • The class should be able to regularly damage or otherwise affect multiple enemies, and should be effective at avoiding their attacks. Carrying two pistols instead of a big primary + big secondary combo should offer a unique freedom of movement, and I want this to show in both their avoidance and mobility.
  • The melee abilities of the class should mainly focus on debilitating, disabling and debuffing enemies. Tying them up in melee and preventing them from taking their normal actions.
  • Ranged abilities of the class would mostly offer straight up damage, spread around evenly among multiple targets.
  • The number of enemies Akimbo can affect should scale as Akimbo grows in ranks.

Potential improvements could include:

  • Rework Dual Pistol Overwatch. I’m not happy with current implementation, it takes too long. The general fantasy of the Quicksilver + Gun Kata was to allow the Akimbo to become a blur of dodges and reaction shots for a turn, but in practice the pacing is slow and visualization is not interesting. I would prefer to somehow rework this combo to make this combination behave more like two-handed Faceoff.
  • A perk that would allow Akimbo to reactively shoot enemy grenades mid-flight.
  • Parry and counterattack ability – already have an animation for it, but code implementation proved to be far too difficult to do it pre-release.
  • A “Locked On” type of perk that provides stacking bonuses for consecutive shots against the same enemy.
  • An ability that allows you to shoot two enemies at the same time, or even chain shots like in that Equilibrium scene.
  • An ability to shoot while moving or jumping, Max Payne-style.
  • An ability to rapidly fire multiple shots at different targets. Basically, dual wielded Faceoff with better visualization, like this.
  • Additional perk trees for dual wielding autopistols and maybe even sawed off shotguns.
  • Should copy Zephyr’s “melee everyone in this area” ability.
  • A ranged counterattack ability.

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