Welcome to my personal web page!

I am Iridar, and I make mods for XCOM 2 War of the Chosen the computer game. You can find more information about myself and the mods I make on my patreon page.

The purpose of this website is to provide a convenient interface for my patrons to vote on which mods should I make.

How does voting work

My patrons receive Voting Tokens (VT) each month:

  • Rookie: 1 VT per month.
  • Major: 2 VT per month.
  • Colonel: 5 VT per month.
  • Other pledge level: 1 VT per $3 of pledge.
  • You can also purchase VT directly through PayPal or other means. Contact me for details.

When I am done with my current big project, the Voting Period will open for several days. You can spend your Voting Tokens only during the Voting Period. All patrons will be notified of this in advance through my discord and personal message on patreon.

I don’t participate in the voting myself with the caveat that during development I might switch to a different project for a short time as a sort of respite from the slog of working on the same big project for months.

How to vote?

1) Click the “login through patreon” button below.

If you haven’t logged in before, then you will not have have any Voting Tokens at first. Let me know by sending a personal message on Patreon or tag me on Discord, and I will grant you tokens based on how long you have been a patron. 

2) Go to the Mod Ideas page.

The voting interface will have words like “Event”, “Ticket”, “Sale” and “Purchase”. Ignore that. The voting system is set up using a plugin for selling tickets to various events. You are not required to pay any additional money to vote. So when you “purchase an event ticket” for 1 Voting Token, it just means you are voting for that mod idea.

3) To vote for any particular idea, click VIEW DETAILS. In the “QTY” (quantity) field, select how many Voting Tokens you wish to spend on this idea, then click REGISTER NOW. 

A form for “personal information” will pop up. Enter absolutely any first name and last name, and any valid e-mail address. You can use any e-mail there, even non-existent one, it will not be used anywhere.

You can vote on each mod idea multiple times, and you can spend multiple tokens at once.

Voting tokens spent on a Mod Idea are not lost when the voting period closes, they will remain permanently assigned to that particular mod idea, and will be taken into account during the next round of voting. So if you like a particular mod idea, you can keep voting for it, and eventually it will likely win the vote.