Gunslinger Loadout

The Gunslinger Loadout


The more I use the Commissioner, the more I think it’s damn overpowered.  Amazing hip fire accuracy and alpha damage. Headshots aren’t absolutely necessary, but really open the true potential of the weapon.

0.35 second TTK against shielded Heavy Assaults of any kind is nothing to scoff at for a mere secondary. Or even “zero” TTK on a headshot + quick melee versus non-HA targets.

Not even mentioning the headshot OHK on infiltrators.

It’s gotten to the point where I equip the Commissioner in every CQC situation where I expect an enemy to be within 10m, almost regardless of what my primary weapon and class is.

So I’ve been pondering at the viability of the Gunslinger Loadout

Gunslinger Loadout

Core of the loadout is NS-44 Commissioner + Nanoweave + Assimilate + Vampire. Heavy Assaults should also throw in Adrenaline Shield.

Normally, you would be benefiting from either Assimilate (headshot kills) OR Vampire (wielded melee kills), but using a sidearm allows you to benefit from both implants.

Technically, any sidearm can work, but Commissioner is obviously the best for this task.

So with each kill you get +325 health, and also +200 shields with each headshot kill. +200 energy for Adrenaline Shield, if you use that.

So we get up to +725 effective HP per kill.

Now imagine all of that being amplified by 25% by Nanowave (20% damage reduction translates into 25% increase in effective HP).

725 * 1.25 = ~906

Of course, that’s the best case scenario, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t impressive.

Alternative Loadout

An alternative version would be Carapace + Vampire. You’d be restoring less HP overall, but you are much more likely to fully benefit from the Vampire. 

Since Carapace works with healing so well, you could potentially amplify it even more with Restoration Kits, Healing Grenades and Medic’s Nano-Regen Device.

The playstyle

Commissioner can potentially kill 3 enemies per reload, assuming you don’t use a knife, being nearly reborn with every kill.

Upon running out of ammo, you can always switch to a power knife. I haven’t tested this, but I suspect headshot kills with a wielded knife will also benefit from Assimilate.

Due to limited amount of ammo, you’d always want to make plays around cover, so you can catch a break to reload or switch weapons, which normally takes ~0.8 – 1.0 seconds, more for HA.

The point of the build is to be able to go on short sprees of 2-3 kills in close quarters. Especially great against a trickle of advancing enemies.


The best synergy is with Stalker Infiltrators and Adrenaline Heavy Assaults, though other infiltrators can take advantage of this build as well.


The Gunslinger build is cool and unorthodox. Unfortunately, it requires ~7k ISO-4 and an undefined amount of certs to fully flesh out.

To someone who has upgraded both implants to the max, and is good with headshots, I’d love to hear you try and use it.

I would honestly very much enjoy recording some amazing footage with this build, and making a montage, but I’d rather save my ISO-4 for something more useful for me, like Catlike, Sensor Shield or Nightmare.

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