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Stealthy character coming to Overwatch: Part 2

As predicted, Blizzard will be soon releasing a stealthy character: Sombra, a Mexican female hacker. She’s classified as offence character, but most her kit is focused on movement, misdirection and disabling. 

Called it!

Six months ago I called that a stealthy character will be coming to Overwatch. The small amount of feedback that I’ve gathered boiled down to “Blizzard will not be releasing any stealthy assassins, because noobs will rage too hard”.

My only regret is that I don’t have an audience to rub it in their faces.

Not an assassin

You can check Sombra’s abilities and story on her official Overwatch page.

Not gonna go into detailed analysis, since I’ve lost all faith in Overwatch and it’s not a game that I can enjoy playing for long. 

Suffice it to say, despite being classified as “offence” character, Sombra isn’t your typical assassin, and she’s closer to a disabler support, though she does have complete invisibility as one of her abilities.

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