There are three factions or empires in PlanetSide 2: Terran RepublicNew Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty.

Each faction has its own ideology and view on the war. All can be read here, and there is some unofficial lore at Encyclopaedia Auraxia. Just don’t take it too seriously, it’s mostly for flavor.

Each faction has access to a few faction-specific weapons and vehicles, and there’s also a large variety of cross-faction vehicles and equipment produced by Nanite Systems.

How to choose a faction?

If you are a new player, choosing a main faction for yourself – create a character for each faction and try things out for yourself. Listen. Absorb. Try to get a feel for the faction as a whole: visuals, sound effects, general ideology and style. 

“Do I like what this faction is about?” – is the question you should be asking yourself. The description of factions below should help you answer that.

Do not choose a faction based on perceived power of a certain vehicle or a weapon – things get nerfed, buffed and reworked all the time.

Empire_icon_TRTerran Republic

Terran Republic

Terran Republic is professional military, all about loyalty and discipline. They intend to restore order on Auraxis, by any means necessary.

Solve their problems with a volume of fire.

Weapon traits: Generally, TR weapons have high rate of fire, with a high damage output and large magazines, but long reloads and mediocre accuracy. Use conventional gunpowder weapons. 

Most unique empire-specific weapons:

  • Heavy Assault: T7 Mini-Chaingun – a hand-held multi-barrel cannon that can sustain fire without losing accuracy.
  • Heavy Assault: T2 Striker – a magazine-fed rocket launcher. Its miniature rockets will automatically snap-lock to nearby enemy aircraft, but they can be used against ground vehicles too.
  • Infiltrator: TRAP-M1 – a burst fire sniper rifle.

Vehicle traits: high sustainable speed, sustained damage output.

  • Main Battle Tank: Prowler – armed with a twin cannon, it can output the most damage over time.
  • Secondary Vehicle Weapon: Vulcan – armor-piercing chaingun, devastating against vehicles at close range.
  • MBT Ability: Anchored Mode – anchors the tank in place, rendering it unable to move, but dramatically increasing effectiveness of its main cannon.

MAX Ability: Lockdown – similar to Prowler’s Anchored Mode.

Engagement style is militaristic: get there fast, dig in, and obliterate any opposition with a rain of fire.

Empire_icon_NCNew Conglomerate

New Conglomerate

New Conglomerate is a band of corporate-hired mercenaries and freedom fighters. Armed with experimental gauss weapons and repurposed engineering equipment, they fight for independence from Terran government.

Solve their problems with a punch to the face.

Most unique empire-specific weapons:

  • Heavy Assault: Jackhammer – a burst-fire heavy shotgun, it deals devastating damage in close quarters. 
  • Heavy Assault:  NC15 Phoenix – a rocket launcher that fires first-person TV guided missiles that deal heavy damage. magazine-fed rocket launcher. Its miniature rockets will automatically snap-lock to nearby enemy aircraft, but they can be used against ground vehicles too.
  • Infiltrator: Railjack – a coilgun sniper gauss rifle with highest velocity and damage per shot, but with a small delay between the trigger pull and the shot itself.


  • Main Battle Tank: Vanguard  a heavily armored tank with the most powerful single-shot cannon.
  • Secondary Vehicle Weapon: Enforcer – a recoilless magnetic dart launcher, effective against armored vehicles.
  • MBT Ability: Vanguard Shield – upon activation, reduces incoming damage from the front, top and sides. 

MAX Ability: Aegis Shield – upon activation equips an energy riot shield that protects the MAX from the frontal damage.

Engagement style is guerrilla warfare: hit first, hit hard and hold a punch while doing so.

Empire_icon_VSVanu Sovereignty

Vanu Sovereignty

Vanu Sovereignty are a group of scientists and religious zealots that worship long gone aliens and their technology. Their goal is to augment the humanity through genetic experiments.

Solve their problems with fancy alien technology.

Weapon traits: Generally, VS guns are easier to hit things with. Average damage output and good accuracy. Most of VS weapons don’t have bullet drop, which helps at long distance shooting. Use plasma or energy weapons.

Most unique empire-specific weapons:

  • Heavy Assault: Lasher X2 – a plasma gun that fires explosive balls of plasma.
  • Heavy Assault:  Lancer VS22 – a long-range particle acceleration weapon that can charge up to fire more powerful shots. 
  • Infiltrator: Phaseshift – a semi-auto sniper rifle that can switch between slow and powerful, or a fast firemodes.


  • Main Battle Tank: Magrider – a hover tank that takes advantage of magnetic levitation technology. It has a fixed frontal turret and can strafe to avoid incoming damage.
  • Secondary Vehicle Weapon: Saron – a versatile semi-automatic plasma weapon, that can pace shots for greater accuracy at long range, or magdump at close range for a high burst of damage.
  • MBT Ability: Mag Boost – upon activation, provides a strong boost of forward acceleration and levitation height.

MAX Ability: Zealot Overdrive Engine – when activated, increases MAX’s movement speed and damage output at the cost of taking more damage.


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