Spawn Beacon

Spawn beacon

Spawn Beacon (Squad Beacon, “bacon”) can be deployed in any location with clear sky above. Spawn Beacon automatically becomes available to leaders of squads with at least two squad members. Spawning players are deployed via drop pod.

Spawn Beacon becomes available to players at BR10 (not 100% sure on this one).

Upgrading the Spawn Beacon reduces the spawn cooldown, but even at maximum rank the respawn timer remains considerably longer than for other spawn options. Spawn Beacon can be upgraded in the “Leadership Certifications”, located in the “Social” menu. Upgrading reduces the spawn cooldown.

Placing a Spawn Beacon itself also has a considerable cooldown, but organized squads can play around that limitation, by promoting different squad members to squad leaders, so they can place their own Spawn Beacon. 

This chat command: 

/squad promoteme

Is often used to accelerate this process. Entering it will prompt the current squad leader if they wants to pass squad leadership to you. Players of organized outfit squads will often have a special keybind for this command, which you can set in the usual keybinding settings. 

Spawn Beacons are often placed by Light Assaults at tallest points of bases, such as antennas.

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