An explosive satchel charge. Deploy with right click, detonate with left click. Can be thrown to a distance of around 10m.

  • Cost:
    • 200/500 certs to unlock ranks 1 and 2 respectively (rank 2 allows you to carry two C4 bricks with you).
    • Available to all classes, except MAXes and Infiltrators. Must be unlocked for each class individually.
    • Engineer’s Demolitions Pouch Suit Slot allows to carry additional C4 bricks, up to four total. 
    • Resource cost is 75 nanites per brick.
  • Damage:
    • Maximum damage blast range is 2 meters
    • It doesn’t matter at what part of the tank you place C4, rear or front armor.
    • Flak Armor reduces C4 damage. You will get a special indictator if you damage a target equipped with Flak Armor.
    • Blockade Armor reduces C4’s damage to Sunderers.
    • One C4 brick:
      • kills MAXes without flak armor within 2m
      • kills infantry with or without flak armor
      • destroys Harassers and Valkyries with or without Composite Armor
      • destroys ESFs
    • Two C4 bricks:
      • kill MAX even with full Flak Armor
      • destroy MBTs and Lightnings
      • almost destroy a Sunderer without blockade armor: it will burn and explode in ~72 seconds if not repaired
      • completely tear off Sunderer’s Deployment Shield. Note that it will fully regenerate in ~16 seconds
      • almost destroy a Liberator, but will not make it burn
    • Three C4 bricks:
      • destroy a Liberator
      • destroy a Sunderer without blockade armor
    • Four C4 bricks
      • destroy a Sunderer with full blockade armor
      • almost destroy a Galaxy: it will burn and explode in ~25 seconds if not repaired
  • Placement:
    • C4 sticks to vehicles, MAXes, surfaces, other deployables and even grenades, but not infantry. It’s a common trick to attach C4 to your own vehicle and use it to deliver the C4 to the target. 
    • C4 sticks to ceilings, to achieve that you have use Light Assault’s Jump Jets to get right under the ceiling and throw C4 while aiming upwards
    • C4 brick will explode if shot at. If someone shoots your C4 bricks and the resulting explosion kills someone, the one who shot C4 will get the credit for kills, but you both will receive XP for it. 
    • C4 despawns when you respawn after death
    • C4 is destroyed (without detonation) by Infiltrators’ EMP grenades
    • C4 does not despawn, if you change class or restock at the terminal after deploying it
    • You can only deploy the number of C4 bricks you can carry with yourself. An engineer with Demolitions Pouch can deploy up to four C4 bricks. Attempting to deploy additional brick will result in first C4 brick disappearing.
      • If you’ve accidentally placed C4 where you don’t want it, for example, on a friendly tank, the easiest way to remove it without killing anyone, is to go to the terminal and resupply on C4, then throw both bricks where it’s safe to detonate them. The bricks you placed first on a friendly tank will disappear.
    • Light Assault can carry 2 C4 bricks, if you place those two bricks, restock at the terminal, and attempt to place one more C4 brick, the first brick will disappear.
    • Placing C4 takes time. There’s also a time delay between placing C4 and being able to detonate it.
    • Deploying and detonating C4 does not make you appear on the enemy minimap like shooting does. But the enemy can silently Q-spot your deployed C4 to warn allies about it.
  • Detonation:
    • With the C4 detonator. If you deploy C4 with one class, and then switch to any other class with C4 equipped, you can detonate already deployed C4 with detonator.
    • With bullets. You can even place a C4 brick on a Flash with machine gun in such a way, that you’ll be able to detonate the C4 with Flash’s machine gun – which would mean suicide, of course.
    • With explosives. Similar to the above, you can detonate C4 stuck on your flash by shooting MK40 Fury, mounted on that flash.
  • Utility:
    • C4 can also be used to destroy deployables, such as spawn beacons, motion spotters, shield regeneration fields, etc. This is useful when it’s too dangerous to go and try to destroy these deployables in person. For example, you can throw C4 over the wall that has spawn beacon behind it. 
    • Similarly, C4 can be used to kill enemies that are behind cover, out of your direct line of sight, and going to kill them in person would expose you too much. 
    • Deploying and detonating C4 does not cancel redeploy timer, even if you damage or kills someone with it. Possibly a bug.
  • Known bugs:
    • Sometimes C4 disappears after throwing.
    • Sometimes C4 detonates not where you have placed it, but where the C4 brick was several seconds ago. This is especially apparent when trying to C4 moving vehicles. (supposedly fixed in 14 Jan 2016 patch)
    • As a possible repercussion of this bug, sometimes C4 attached to your own vehicle does not do full damage, so putting C4 on your flash and suicide bombing isn’t reliable. 

General tips

Light Assault is considered the best class to use C4 with, because using C4 requires being close to the target, and Light Assault is the best in getting close to the target while remaining unnoticed. Even though LA can’t cloak themselves, the Jet Pack opens new ways to get to your target, unavailable to any other class. For example, a tank that bombards your base and hides behind nearby rocks to avoid rockets. LA can use his Jump Jets to move over the rocks and throw C4 on the tank from above.
Destroying a dedicated MBT with good driver and gunner inside is hard to pull off. Next to impossible, if the tank is equipped with proximity radar, which detects nearby moving infantry. Luckily, there aren’t so many dedicated tankers, and tanks are often pulled by zergs as means to transportation to the next base, or unskilled players, that think that layers of armor and powerful cannon will bring them success without much effort. Usually, they are right, but those unskilled drivers will make mistakes that you can exploit to blow them up.
Bad drivers are prone to tunnel vision, staying in one position for prolonged period of time, they rarely have a competent gunner, if any at all, and make a mistake of parking near walls, cliffs and towers, opening you a convenient way of attack.
… approaching unseen is the best option you have. Remember, you do not have a cloaking device, so you must careful. If you can see your target, then he can potentially see you.
Before you begin, look at the territory around your target and plan out a proper approach. Always do whatever you can to avoid approaching at eye level. If you must pass through an area at eye level within view of the target – do it quickly, remain in such areas as little as possible. The ideal approach is through a low valley of some kind, after that a high hill works well, but DO NOT linger as a silhouette on the horizon.
Finally, if neither of those is available, dashing from cover to cover can be viable.
Remember to look at your target as little as possible. Use your minimap to keep yourself apprised of the location and facing of your prey. Watch the shots they fire to determine which direction they are looking, and thus where their attention is directed. 

Soloing Sunderers without Deployment Shield as non Heavy Assault


Note that all numbers listed here assume that Sunderer has no defensive certifications, like the Blockade Armor.

1) 2 bricks of C4 inflict enough damage to get Sunderer burning, and it will burn down and blow up in ~72 seconds after detonation. Most likely Sunderer will be repaired in time to avert this. 

2) 2 bricks of C4 + 2 UBGL grenades make Sunderer burn down in ~22 seconds. In the meantime you can run around, shooting spawning enemies. Note that C4 can be detonated by UBGL grenade, but you must step away at least 15 meters to do that, otherwise UBGL grenade will not produce splash damage. Make sure not to hit C4 directly, my experiments have shown that in this case UBGL does no damage to the vehicle. 

3) 2 bricks of C4 + continuous explosive bolt fire destroy a Sunderer in 10 seconds. Note that C4 can be detonated by Explosive Bolts too.

3.1) A variation of this method: you can put two bricks of C4 on a Flash equipped with Wraith Cloaking Device, then switch to the Infiltrator with QCX Crossbow with Explosive Bolts, then ride your cloaked Flash right next to the enemy Sunderer. You can detonate the C4 with Explosive Bolts or a Frag Grenade and continue firing the Crossbow at the Sunderer until it’s destroyed.

4) For the fastest way you need all three:

1) Place two bricks of C4 on a Sunderer. Deploy them close, but not on top of each other, otherwise weird things might happen, like on one of the C4 bricks falling down or not producing damage.
2) Step back 15+ meters, and equip the UBGL while you’re at it
3) Detonate the C4 with the UBGL grenade
4) Equip Hunter QCX with Explosive Bolts and fire three bolts

If you do it properly, Sunderer will be destroyed in ~5 seconds from the moment the damage is first inflicted.

5) Alternatively, you can use a Flash or a Harasser as a method of delivering the C4 from a distance: 

Soloing Sunderers with Deployment Shield as non Heavy Assault

Light Assaults and Combat Medics are limited to three ways of inflicting damage on enemy vehicles: C4, Underbarrel Grenade Launcher and Hunter QCX Crossbow with Explosive Bolts. Engineers also have access to AV Mines.
Fully certed Deployment Shield absorbs the damage equal to 2 C4, starts recharging in 6 seconds after last taking damage, and fully recharges in ~10 seconds after that. 
So, in perfect conditions you can assume it will take 5x C4 to destroy DS Sunderer. However, my experiments have shown, that DS briefly absorbs extra damage upon breaking. Or perhaps the Sunderer Protected even by a shred of Deployment Shield has different resistance values.
For example, if you put 2x C4 on a DS Sunderer, detonate to clear off shield, than put another 2x C4 and detonate again, Sunderer will barely survive, and will burn down eventually. But if you place and detonate all 4x C4 at once, Sunderer will have half health remaining. 
Same goes for mines. If you put 5x AV mines, then detonate them, Sunderer will survive with half health. But if you clear off the shield with 3 mines first, you can finish it off with 2 mines. 
It is still possible for a solo Light Assault, Combat Medic or Engineer to destroy a DS Sunderer, but it’s MUCH harder now.
To solo destroy a DS Sunderer you must somehow end up in a situation where:
  • You have 2x C4 deployed on/near the Sunderer
  • You have 2x C4 in your pockets
  • You have a way to finish off the Sunderer – UBGL and/or Crossbow with Explosive Bolts
The algorithm is as follows:
1) Choose one of these methods so you can have 2x C4 on/near Sunderer and still have 2x C4 with you:
Method A: Vehicle Delivery

1) Pull a Harasser or a Flash
2) Place 2 bricks of C4 on the front side of your vehicle
3) Go to an infantry terminal and resupply on C4
4) Drive your vehicle to enemy Sunderer, get out, step back 

This method leaves almost no time for the defenders to repair the Sunderer, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong:
  • You need a working vehicle terminal
  • You need to make it back alive to the infantry terminal and to your vehicle again
  • In the meantime your vehicle easily can be destroyed
  • You can be blown up on the way to the enemy Sunderer by the defenders. They don’t even need rockets for that, since they can accidentally or intentionally hit the C4, located on the front of your vehicle
  • You have to be precise while parking your vehicle next to enemy Sunderer, which isn’t always doable in real combat conditions
  • Sunderer can be located in some terrain pocket, not easily approachable by ground vehicles
This method is effective in destroying Sunderers parked under biolabs, because at the bottom of the biolab you have both infantry and vehicle terminals, covered by shields, enemy Sunderer is easily accessible by ground and defenders often leave them unguarded. 
Method B: Terminal Resupply
1) Stealthily approach enemy Sunderer. Make sure no one sees you on screen or minimap
2) Deploy 2x C4, stealthily run away
3) Go to a infantry terminal and resupply on C4
4) Return to the Sunderer
2) Detonate the deployed C4
3) Quickly place one more C4 brick and detonate it
4) Place the last C4 brick and detonate it
5) Finish off the Sunderer with UBGL and/or Explosive Bolts. UBGL will give about ~20 seconds for enemies to react and start repairing, Crossbow with Explosive Bolts will give about 10 seconds, but you will have to continuously fire on the Sunderer during that time. If you use both, enemies will barely have any time to react at all.
The reason you put the 3rd and 4th C4 one by one is to continuously damage the Sunderer to prevent the DS from recharging. Note that if you use Method A for C4 deli, there is little to no reason for you to do it as a Light Assault. 
Engineers with Demolitions Pouch suit slot can carry and deploy up to 4 bricks of C4, so they can use the methods explained above with less hassle: they don’t need to resupply or help of a teammate to use 3 or 4 bricks of C4 and they can deploy all of them at the same time. 
It’s also helpful to have more than just 2x C4 on your vehicle, because C4 delivered that way sometimes bugs out and doesn’t do full damage.
All of the previous methods cover what you can do alone. Naturally, even a team of just two people can accomplish same things easier:
1) Pull a Flash with Wraith cloaking device, place three or four bricks of C4 on its front. The driver switches to the Infiltrator, cloaks and rams the Flash into the enemy Sunderer. He can then detonate the C4 with MK40 Fury-F (suicide run), grenade or weapons fire. Or the second player can do it with C4 detonator. 
2) Alternatively, 3-4 bricks of C4 can be placed on any vehicle without stealth, but the cloaked Flash is the most reliable way

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