An explosive satchel charge. Deploy with right click, detonate with left click. Can be thrown to a distance of around 10m.

  • Cost:
    • 200 certs to unlock Rank 1.
    • 500 certs to unlock Rank 2, which will allow you to carry and deploy two C4 bricks.
    • Available to all classes, except MAXes and Infiltrators. Must be unlocked for each class individually.
    • Engineer’s Demolitions Pouch Suit Slot allows to carry additional C4 bricks, up to four total. 
    • Resource cost is 75 nanites per brick.
  • Damage:
    • Maximum damage blast range is 2 meters.
    • Deals splash damage to nearby vehicles.
    • Deal the same damage to tanks regardless of placement. 
    • Flak Armor reduces C4 damage. You will get a special indictator if you damage a target equipped with Flak Armor.
    • Blockade Armor reduces C4’s damage to Sunderers.
    • One C4 brick:
      • kills MAXes without flak armor within 2m. Deals 50.25% HP damage to a MAX with full Flak Armor.
      • kills infantry with or without flak armor
      • destroys Harassers and Valkyries with or without Composite Armor
      • destroys ESFs
    • Two C4 bricks:
      • kill MAX even with full Flak Armor
      • destroy MBTs and Lightnings
      • almost destroy a Sunderer without blockade armor: it will burn and explode in ~72 seconds if not repaired
      • almost destroy a Liberator, but will not make it burn
    • Three C4 bricks:
      • destroy a Liberator
      • destroy a Sunderer without Blockade Armor
    • Four C4 bricks
      • destroy a Sunderer with full Blockade Armor
      • almost destroy a Galaxy: it will burn and explode in ~25 seconds if not repaired
  • Placement:
    • Deployed C4 can be deconstructed by Engineer’s Repair Tools, same as Tank Mines. 
    • C4 sticks to vehicles, MAXes, surfaces, other deployables and even grenades, but not infantry. It’s a common trick to attach C4 to your own vehicle and use it to deliver the C4 to the target. 
    • C4 sticks to ceilings, to achieve that you have use Light Assault’s Jump Jets to get right under the ceiling and throw C4 while aiming upwards
    • C4 despawns when you respawn after death
    • C4 is destroyed (without detonation) by Infiltrators’ EMP grenades
    • C4 does not despawn, if you change class or restock at the terminal after deploying it
    • You can only deploy the number of C4 bricks you can carry with yourself. An engineer with Demolitions Pouch can deploy up to four C4 bricks. Attempting to deploy additional brick will result in first C4 brick disappearing.
      • If you’ve accidentally placed C4 where you don’t want it, for example, on a friendly tank, the easiest way to remove it without killing anyone, is to go to the terminal and resupply on C4, then throw both bricks where it’s safe to detonate them. The bricks you placed first on a friendly tank will disappear.
      • C4 ARX, which can be unlocked through Directives, has a separate placement limit. Together with regular C4, you can have up to 8 bricks deployed at the same time. Prooflink.
    • Light Assault can carry 2 C4 bricks, if you place those two bricks, restock at the terminal, and attempt to place one more C4 brick, the first brick will disappear.
    • Placing C4 takes time. There’s also a time delay between placing C4 and being able to detonate it.
    • Deploying and detonating C4 does not make you appear on the enemy minimap like shooting does. But the enemy can silently Q-spot your deployed C4 to warn allies about it.
  • Detonation:
    • With the C4 detonator. If you deploy C4 with one class, and then switch to any other class with C4 equipped, you can detonate already deployed C4 with detonator.
    • With bullets.
    • With explosives.
      • Similar to the above, you can detonate C4 stuck on your flash by shooting MK40 Fury, mounted on that flash.
    • The player that detonated C4 – by any means – will receive the credit for kills. However, if another player detonates C4, both the “detonator” and the owner will receive XP.
  • Utility:
    • C4 can also be used to destroy deployables, such as spawn beacons, motion spotters, shield regeneration fields, etc. This is useful when it’s too dangerous to go and try to destroy these deployables in person. For example, you can throw C4 over the wall that has spawn beacon behind it. 
    • Similarly, C4 can be used to kill enemies that are behind cover, out of your direct line of sight, and going to kill them in person would expose you too much. 
    • Deploying and detonating C4 does not cancel redeploy timer, even if you damage or kills someone with it. Possibly a bug.
  • Known bugs:
    • Sometimes C4 disappears after throwing.
    • Sometimes C4 detonates not where you have placed it, but where the C4 brick was several seconds ago. This is especially apparent when trying to C4 moving vehicles. 
    • As a possible repercussion of this bug, sometimes C4 attached to your own vehicle does not do full damage to nearby enemies, so putting C4 on your Flash and suicide bombing isn’t reliable. 
    • When you click the C4 Detonator, and then equip a weapon, on enemy screen you will appear firing that weapon. You will even appear on enemy minimap, if the weapon isn’t suppressed. The amount of shots you take with the weapon is equal to amount of detonation clicks you made.

General tips

Light Assault is considered the best class to use C4 with, because using C4 requires being close to the target, and Light Assault is the best in getting close to the target while remaining unnoticed. Even though LA can’t cloak themselves, the Jet Pack opens new ways to get to your target, unavailable to any other class. For example, a tank that bombards your base and hides behind nearby rocks to avoid rockets. LA can use his Jump Jets to move over the rocks and throw C4 on the tank from above.

Destroying a dedicated MBT with good driver and gunner inside is hard to pull off. Next to impossible, if the tank is equipped with proximity radar, which detects nearby moving infantry. Luckily, there aren’t so many dedicated tankers, and tanks are often pulled by zergs as means to transportation to the next base, or unskilled players, that think that layers of armor and powerful cannon will bring them success without much effort. Usually, they are right, but those unskilled drivers will make mistakes that you can exploit to blow them up.

Bad drivers are prone to tunnel vision, staying in one position for prolonged period of time, they rarely have a competent gunner, if any at all, and make a mistake of parking near walls, cliffs and towers, opening you a convenient way of attack.

Here’s a piece of lawn gnome’s HA guide on destroying vehicles:

… approaching unseen is the best option you have. Remember, you do not have a cloaking device, so you must be careful. If you can see your target, then he can potentially see you.

Before you begin, look at the territory around your target and plan out a proper approach. Always do whatever you can to avoid approaching at eye level. If you must pass through an area at eye level within view of the target – do it quickly, remain in such areas as little as possible. The ideal approach is through a low valley of some kind, after that a high hill works well, but DO NOT linger as a silhouette on the horizon.

Finally, if neither of those is available, dashing from cover to cover can be viable.

Remember to look at your target as little as possible. Use your minimap to keep yourself apprised of the location and facing of your prey. Watch the shots they fire to determine which direction they are looking, and thus where their attention is directed. 

Soloing Sunderers without Deployment Shield

All listed numbers assume that Sunderer has no defensive certifications of any kind.

Only Typhoon Rocklets

4x Magazines will bring a Sunderer on the brink of destruction, and it will burn down and explode in a few seconds. You will have a spare magazine left in case the enemy starts repairs.

Only Default HA Rocket Launcher

5x Rockets inflict enough damage to get Sunderer burning, and it will burn and blow up in ~72 seconds. 

An additional rocket or an AV grenade will instantly finish the Sunderer.

Only C4

2 bricks of C4 inflict enough damage to get Sunderer burning, and it will burn down and blow up in ~72 seconds after detonation. Most likely Sunderer will be repaired in time to avert this. 

To reliably destroy a Sunderer after 2x C4 bricks, you have to finish it off with…

… with Heavy Assault’s Rocket Launcher

2 bricks of C4 and one dumbfire rocket will instantly destroy a Sunderer. You have to detonate C4 manually.

… with Heavy Assault’s AV Grenade

2 bricks of C4 and one AV grenade will instantly destroy a Sunderer. The best part is that you can save time by detonating C4 with the AV grenade. 

You can first throw the grenade, and while its fuse timer is ticking, you have time to throw both C4 bricks and take a step back. Make sure to equip C4 before throwing the grenade.

This is by far the fastest method.

You will be walking on the razor’s edge here. You will not have time to step backwards, so make sure to throw C4 from some distance. In fact, the grenade is liable to detonate while second brick of C4 is mid flight.

You can guarantee successful execution if you step very close to the Sunderer, or hiding under it, but that will mean suicide. 

If you doubt your ability to execute this flawlessly, it may be better to detonate the C4 manually. In this case, you just throw your C4 where the AV grenade will not detonate them. This method is nearly as fast and gives you more control, but you stand a risk of dying before you detonate the C4 manually.

… with Light Assault’s Rocklet Rifle

2 bricks of C4 and Rocklet Rifle burst will instantly destroy a Sunderer. Default Ammo is enough for this. You have to detonate C4 manually. 

… with Engineer’s MANA AV Turret

2 bricks of C4 and one Rocket will instantly destroy a Sunderer.

The efficient way is to to deploy the turret first, and place C4 while the turret is forming. Then click to detonate C4 and immediately enter the turret and fire a rocket.

… with Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

2 bricks of C4 + 2 UBGL grenades make Sunderer burn down in ~22 seconds.

You can save time by detonating C4 with splash damage from one of the UBGL grenades, but you have to step away 12-15m, otherwise UBGL grenade will not produce splash damage. Make sure not to hit C4 directly with the UBGL grenade, otherwise UBGL grenade won’t do damage to the Sunderer.

… with Crossbow’s Explosive Bolts

2 bricks of C4 + continuous Explosive Bolt fire destroy a Sunderer in 10 seconds.

You can save time by detonating C4 with splash damage from Explosive Bolts. Just make sure not to hit C4 directly, or the Bolt won’t deal damage to the Sunderer.

A variation of this method: you can put two bricks of C4 on a Flash equipped with Wraith Cloaking Device, then switch to the Infiltrator with QCX Crossbow with Explosive Bolts, then ride your cloaked Flash right next to the enemy Sunderer. You can detonate the C4 with Explosive Bolts or a Frag Grenade and continue firing the Crossbow at the Sunderer until it’s destroyed.

… with UBGL and Explosive Bolts

  1. Place two bricks of C4 on a Sunderer. 
  2. Step back 15+ meters, and equip the UBGL while you’re at it
  3. Fire the UBGL grenade. Try to detonate C4 with its splash damage.
  4. Equip Hunter QCX with Explosive Bolts and fire three bolts
  5. If you do it properly, Sunderer will be destroyed in ~5 seconds from the moment the damage is first inflicted.

Alternatively, you can use a Flash or a Harasser as a method of delivering the C4 from a distance: 

Soloing Sunderers with Deployment Shield

Deployment Shield is a defensive certification that outfits deployed Sunderers with a shield, that functions similarly to infantry players’ shields. 

Fully certed Deployment Shield more than doubles Sunderer’s effective health:

  • Absorbs damage roughly equal to:
    • 2.6 x C4
    • 2.5 x Tank Mines
    • 21 Rocklet Rifle default Rockets
    • 16 Typhoon Rocklets
    • 3.5 rockets from Default HA Rocket Launcher
    • 3.1 rockets from Decimator or Engineer’s AV MANA Turret
    • 8.4 AV Grenades
  • Starts recharging in 6 seconds after last taking damage
  • Fully recharges in ~10 seconds after that
  • Deployment Shield cannot be regenerated while Sunderer is burning
  • Changes Sunderer’s Resistance Values OR Absorbs extra damage upon breaking (unclear)

Using Tank Mines

We know that it takes 2x Tank Mines to destroy a Stock Sunderer, and 3x Tank Mines to break through Deployment Shield. In theory, it should mean that a Deployment Shield Sunderer will be destroyed by 5x Tank Mines. 

Incidentally, Engineers with fully certed Tank Mines and Mine Carrier Suit Slot can carry 5x Tank Mines at the same time.

However, if you detonate all 5x Tank Mines at once, Sunderer will survive with over half health. In other words, Deployment Shield enables the Sunderer to survive a high burst of damage. 

So first you have to clear off the shield with 3x Mines, and then destroy the Sunderer with 2x more Mines.

You can deploy mines in two groups, one group of 3, and one group of 2. Detonate the group of 3 first. Make sure the groups are far enough from each other to not trigger with splash damage.

Using C4

As Engineer with Demo Pouch and AV MANA Turret

Engineers with Demo Pouch can carry 4x C4. 

It takes more than 2x C4 to punch through the Shield, and it takes more than 2x C4 to destroy the Sunderer after. The optimal way is to:

  1. Place turret
  2. Place 2x C4 while turret is forming
  3. Detonate C4, man the turret and fire a rocket. This will clear off the shield
  4. Exit turret. Place 1x C4 and detonate it.
  5. Place another C4 and detonate it.
    • You will not have time to place both C4 bricks and detonate them at the same time – Deployment Shield will start regenerating and absorb extra damage.
  6. Man the turret and fire a rocket to destroy the Sunderer.

You can use Crossbow with Explosive Bolts instead of the Turret, but it’s gonna take even longer.

As Light Assault

Using Typhoon Rocklets

  1. Fire off 3 magazines of Typhoon Rocklets to clear off the shield and damage the Sunderer slightly.
    • This will take about ~11 seconds.
    • Do not reload RR after the last burst.
  2. Deploy and detonate both bricks of C4. This will bring the Sunderer on the brink of destruction, and it will burn down and blow up in a few seconds.
  3. (Optional) Start reloading the Rocklet Rifle in case enemies start repairing the Sunderer. 

You can also deploy C4 before you open fire on the Sunderer. 

Using Infantry Terminal 

  1. Make your way to the Sunderer.
  2. Place 2x C4. Do your best to remain unnoticed, and place C4 where it will not be immediately noticed.
  3. Go to to an infantry terminal and resupply on C4. Return to the Sunderer.
  4. Detonate C4 that you deployed last time.
  5. Clear off the Deployment Shield with 2x Rocklet Rifle Magazines. 
    • Do not reload the Rocklet Rifle after clearing the shield. 
  6. Place 2x c4 that your brought with yourself and detonate it. This will make the Sunderer start burning and prevent it from regenerating Deployment Shield. 
  7. Equip Rocklet Rifle, reload it, and use it to finish off the Sunderer.

While this way is impractical in large fights, it’s a completely viable in small fights, especially if you don’t have to go far to resupply the C4.

Using Infantry Terminal and Typhoon Rocklets

Identical to the previous method, but you will need only 1 Magazine to clear off the Deployment Shield after initial C4 detonation. 

Detonating 2x more C4 will brink the Sunderer on the brink of destruction and it will burn down and explode in a few seconds, and you won’t need to finish it yourself, unless enemies start repairs.

Using Flash or Harasser for C4 Delivery

  1. Pull a Flash or Harasser and deploy 2x C4 on its front.
  2. Resupply C4 at infantry terminal.
  3. Drive your vehicle as close to the Sunderer as possible.
  4. Exit the vehicle and detonate C4. 
  5. Clear off the Deployment Shield with 2x Rocklet Rifle Magazines. Typhoon Rocklets will need only 1 Magazine.
    • Do not reload the Rocklet Rifle at this time.
  6. Place 2x c4 that your brought with yourself and detonate it. 
  7. Equip Rocklet Rifle, reload it, and use it to finish off the Sunderer.

This way doesn’t make much sense, because if you’re gonna be pulling vehicles, you might as well pull an AP Lightning or a Harasser with AV Secondary, and use THAT to destroy the Sunderer. 

Or you could switch to Engineer with Tank Mines or more C4. 

There is another problem that C4 strapped to your vehicles often doesn’t do full damage to enemy vehicles.

As a Heavy Assault

Using Rocket Launcher and AV Grenades

  1. Clear off the shield with 4x Rockets.
  2. Equip C4.
  3. Throw the AV grenade.
  4. Throw both bricks of C4.
  5. The AV grenade will detonate the C4, destroying the Sunderer. Or detonate the C4 manually.

Using Infantry Terminal

Exactly the same as with Light Assault, the only difference is you will use Rocket Launcher instead of the Rocklet Rifle. 

1 rocket is enough to clear off shield after 2x C4, and 1 more rocket will destroy the Sunderer after 2x more C4.

You could also combine this method with AV grenades. 2 grenades will clear off the Shield, and 1 grenade will destroy the Sunderer after 2x more C4. 

The fastest way uses all three:

  1. Detonate the first pair of C4.
  2. Clear off the shield with a Rocket.
  3. Equip C4.
  4. Throw the AV grenade.
  5. Throw both C4 bricks at the AV grenade. The AV grenade will detonate the C4, instantly destroying the Sunderer. Or detonate the C4 manually.


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