Lethal Grenades

This page covers only lethal grenades – that have destruction and killing as their primary purpose. There are also non-lethal utility grenades available to some classes, they are covered on class pages.

Lethal grenades have grenade indicator, a blinking red icon over thrown grenade, that warns enemies to move. 

Non-lethal grenades, like Smoke, EMP and Flash have no grenade indicator. Concussion Grenade is the only non-lethal grenade that has the grenade indicator.

Grenades have no interaction with the minimap whatsoever. Player who throws a grenade and the grenade itself do not appear on the minimap.

Grenades in PS2 are unusually bouncy. This can be both a good or bad thing. Because they bounce so much, they can go to more places, but sometimes getting them where you need can be hard. 

Frag Grenades

Frag Grenades

Despite looking different, Frag Grenades function exactly the same for all factions.

Damage: 1275 @ 1m – 10 @ 6.5m.

This reads as: Frag Grenades do maximum damage of 1275 damage to all targets within 1m, and then that damage linearly downscales to its minimum of 10 at 6.5 meters. This means Frags are lethal to targets without flak armor within ~2.2m. 

Frag Grenades are useless in terms of actually hitting someone who is aware of you, as it’s easy to avoid them.

Frags can be useful in:

  • Clearing small rooms – enemies have to leave the room or they will take damage.
  • Blocking a path for a few seconds.
  • Forcing enemies to move and stress them. This especially sucks for a cloaked infiltrator who tries to stay unnoticed.
  • Destroying enemy deploaybles: 

Usually people will be seriously injured or killed by a Frag only if they:

  • Don’t see you, and hence don’t notice the grenade
  • Unskilled / inexperienced
  • Face several grenades at the same time.
  • Have nowhere to go – cornered or stuck. 

On the other hand a lot of people get killed while throwing grenades, or because the grenade told the enemy that they are coming. Don’t try using Frags in 1 on 1 situations, because that usually gives your enemy an advantage, and you’ll miss anyway. 

Sticky Grenades

Sticky Grenade

Damage: 1250 @ 2.5m – 10 @ 7m.

These engineer-only grenades have a wider lethal radius. Sticky Grenades can stick to infantry players. 

Anti Vehicle Grenades

AV Grenade

Damage to infantry: 750 @ 1m – 10 @ 5m.

Damage to vehicles goes through a swirl of unknown modifiers, but it is comparable to damage from a dumbfire rocket.

AV grenades stick to  allied and enemy vehicles and MAXes. One AV grenade is enough to get the ESF burning. Ineffective against other aircraft.

NSX Fujin

NSX Fujin

Item ID: 6003418

The only way to unlock NSX Fujin is to complete the Gold level of Nanite Exports directives, which requires you go get 160 kills with four NSX weapons.

NSX Fujin is a throwing knife that goes into grenade slot, and thrown using the “throw grenade key”. You carry only one at a time, but you can increase carrying capacity with Grenade Bandoleer suit slot.

It costs 25 nanites to spawn with one Fujin. 

Damage: 500 @ 20m – 250 @ 50m with 2.2x Headshot Damage Multiplier.

This means that Fujin should be lethal on a headshot against most infantry targets within 25m. 

According to Census API:

  • Fujin has the same damage resist type as bullets, so it should be reduced by Nanoweave. This contradicts the official description “Fujin […] slices through infantry defenses”.
  • Deals 70% damage when it hits legs.
  • Has 0.1 sec throwing animation and 1 sec time between throws.
  • 1m of minimap detection range – you don’t show up on enemy minimap when you throw Fujin.
  • 2x Headshot Damage Multiplier – this contradicts official patchnotes, so it’s unclear whether other numbers from the API can be trusted.

This video demonstration has been originally posted on reddit by Dracokev:

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