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What are implants?

Implants are a part of infantry loadout, much like a suit slot or a weapon. They provide passive bonuses and abilities to improve player’s utility and convenience. 

You can equip two different implants at the same time. Equipped implants are displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

Some of the implants do not work for MAXes or when piloting vehicles. Check implants’ in-game descriptions to be sure.

ISO-4 is a special currency, related to implants. It is obtained by breaking down duplicate implants on the Nano-Cycler screen, and used to upgrade implants or to purchase new ones.

How to get implants?

Safeguard 1 and Target Focus 1 are granted for free. There are several ways to obtain more implants.

Implant Packs from Directives

Completing the first tier of the Infiltrator, Light Assault, Combat Medic, Engineer or Heavy Assault directives grants a Novice Implant Pack, which contains two random non-exceptional implants.

Additionally, completing the first tier of Objectives and second tier of Leadership grants a Basic Implant Pack, which contains 3 random implants. 

Getting a few of these implant packs from directives is a good way for new characters to get a few implants to get started with the implant system.

Hello, Random

Each implant drop from a pack is completely random, you can get duplicates, and you can get implants that you already own. For example, you can theoretically get several Regeneration implants from the same pack, in addition to the 3 you already owned.

Unfortunately, this means you are a slave to random, and you can’t do anything to reliably get a specific implant you want.

There are Common, Uncommon and Exceptional implants. Implant’s rarity affects its drop chance from Implant Packs. You can check out implant drop rates in this reddit thread, but this is an old data from a PTS Build and it can be inaccurate.

Buying Implant Packs

A common way to get new implants is to buy Implant Packs from in-game store.

Basic Implant Pack
Basic Implant Bundle
300 Certification Points 
or 199 Daybreak Cash
Contains 3 random implants.

Deluxe Implant Pack
Deluxe Icon Bundle
750 Certification Points
or 500 Daybreak Cash
Contains 9 random implants. 

Recycling ISO-4

ISO-4 Recycler
500  or 99 Daybreak Cash

ISO-4 Recycler grants one random implant. The chance to grant an exceptional or uncommon implant is higher than with normal packs. 

The Recycler can be useful for players who don’t want to spend ISO-4 on upgrading any of the owned implants, and wish to trade it for a chance at getting an implant they don’t have yet. To be clear, you can still get a duplicate with the Recycler. 

Recycler basically provides a way to purchase one random implant with DBC. 

Implant Ranks

Common and Uncommon implants have 5 ranks. Implants of higher ranks provide stronger bonuses, and the final rank often has an additional exclusive effect. Players can upgrade implants to increase their rank on the Nano Cycler tab of the main menu.

Rare implants have only one rank.

Sometimes, you can get Rank 2 implants from Implant Packs. 

How to upgrade implants?

Breaking down Rank 1 implant will provide 25 ISO-4. 

Upgrade cost ISO-4
Rank 1 -> Rank 2 75
Rank 2 -> Rank 3 225
Rank 3 -> Rank 4 900
Rank 4 -> Rank 5 2475


It’s possible that upgrading certain implants costs more or less. 

As you can see, fully upgrading an implant costs an absurd amount of ISO-4, taking nearly over 12 000 certs in Implant Packs value. As a player, you are not expected to unlock and fully upgrade every implant, or use only implants of maximum rank. You will have to be very picky about what you want to upgrade. 

Implant List

Target Focus

Target Focus

This common implant is available to all characters from the start. It can be used by MAXes, and works in vehicles.

1) Increases hip fire crosshair Friend-Foe-Identification range from 10m to 60m.

This is great for new players, as it helps them to identify enemies and distinguish them from allies. It can also help find enemies in darkness or smoke

2) Displays health bars of spotted enemies and vehicles within 500m.

Displayed health bar does not take infantry shields or HA overshields into account.

This effect is especially useful when fighting vehicles, so you can prioritize weakened targets and monitor your damage output, and judge if it is worth to continue engaging. 

First two components are from the old Enhanced Targeting implant, and you can watch Wrel’s video review of that part here

3) Increases hold breath duration by 150% / 160% / 175% / 200% / 300%.

“Holding breath” refers to the mechanic of suppressing scope sway by pressing [Sprint] key for HS/NV scope and high-magnification sniper rifle scopes

This is the only component of the implant that improves with upgrades, but the bonus to hold breath duration is huge even at Rank 1, improving it from ~4 seconds to ~9 seconds. It’s totally possible for high-level snipers to play without this implant, but it can be very helpful to casual snipers and beginners. 

Higher ranks of the implant can be great when it is possible to chain several shots together while using Semi Auto sniper rifle, or a Bolt Action rifle with Straight Pull Bolt attachment.


This common implant is available to all characters from the start. It can be used by MAXes.

1) Provides 20% damage resistance after accepting a revive for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.5 / 3.5 seconds. Rank 5 provides additional 10% resistance from the front. 

It’s possible that it also provides resistance after (re)spawning, additional tests are necessary.

This is great for new players that tend to die in bad spots, and accept revives without regard for consequences. It also can be useful in organized squadplay in point hold scenarios. 

The final rank of the Implant is useful to MAXes, but likely to be irrelevant for infantry.

Tip: before accepting a revive, you can use Toggle HUD key (default “Ctrl + F10”) to see your corpse from above and jugde if it is safe to accept the revive.

Ammo Printer

This common implant can be used by MAXes and works in vehicles.

Generates ammunition for all weapons, tools and vehicle weapons once every 120 / 110 / 90 / 75 / 60 seconds.

The amount of generated ammunition is equal to the amount you get from one tick of Engineer’s ammo pack or vehicle ammo tower. For most infantry weapons, this is equal to 1 magazine. Most vehicle weapons get more, equal to several magazines.

Ammo Printer generates ammo while cloaked.

When inside a vehicle, Ammo Printer will generate ammunition for all vehicle’s weapons, even when riding as a passenger or in a rumble seat. However, printer will not generate ammunition for infantry equipment inside a vehicle, unless the player is in a rumble seat. In that case, printer ammunition will work for both the vehicle, and the player.

Countdown timer resets, when you:

  • spawn a vehicle (but not when you enter a vehicle)
  • exit a vehicle
  • respawn
  • resupply or change loadouts at an infantry terminal
  • accept a revive

Only the owner’s Ammo Printer works if several players occupy a vehicle.

Ammo Printer is great for lone wolf players and vehicle pilots. Tanks specifically tend to quickly run out of ammunition, and can take a while to get to an Ammo Tower. 

Especially useful to Infiltrators, Light and Heavy Assaults to resupply ammunition for their tools.


Regeneration Implant

This is a common implant. Can’t be used by MAXes.

Restores 20 / 23 / 28 / 35 health per second. Regeneration starts 10 seconds after taking health damage. Rank 5 also instantly restores 50 health when you kill an enemy with a headshot.

  • Taking shield damage or dealing damage does not interrupt regeneration process.
  • Regeneration restores player’s health inside a vehicle, but it will do nothing for the vehicle itself (duh).
  • Regenerating full health takes 25 / 22 / 18 / 14 seconds. 

A very popular convenience and longevity implant. It allows to forget about monitoring your health, and gives a way to restore health without relying on Med Kits or medics. 

Especially great for lone wolf players, especially Light Assaults and Infiltrators that spend a lot of time away from their allies.

If you’re in a friendly territory that is lattice-connected to a captured Biolab, its health regeneration bonus will override Regeneration Implant of Rank 1 or 2, essentially making it useless. 

Safe Fall

This common implant can be used by MAXes.

Increases the distance you can fall without taking damage to 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 75 meters. Increases lethal fall distance to 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 230 meters. Rank 5 also reduces collision damage from vehicles by 20%. 

There are other ways to avoid fall damage, like jumping down on sloped surfaces, or using  a Jump Pad or a Gravity Lift.

This is mostly useful to novice Light Assaults who have not yet learned to properly manage Jet Pack energy. It can also make a Light Assault more stealthy, as he can jump down from a height without engaging his Jet Packs, which could give away his position.

It can also be used by ESF pilots as a substitute to Ejection Seat.

Sweeper HUD

EOD HUD Implant

This is a common implant that can be used by MAXes and it works in vehicles.

1) Automatically spots mines and C4 within 16 / 18 / 21 / 25 / 35 meters. 

This is great for flanking or breaching playstyles, as in both cases you will be more likely to encounter mines. Can help MAXes and vehicles avoid Tank Mines.

The implant is not a sure-fire way to never blow up on a mine, since the icon of a spotted explosive is small and easy to miss in the heat of combat.

At lower ranks, has limited usefulness to vehicles, as often your momentum will be too strong to stop or change direction in time, unless you consciously move slowly. Ranks 4-5 provide more than enough time, though.

2) Displays distance to objects under your crosshair within 500m.

This effect seems to be broken in ESFs.

Can be used to judge how high you need to aim with a long range Sniper Rifle or a tank cannon, if you create your own ballistic table. First column is distance, second column is the number of mildots you have to raise your aim by. 

It is also nearly a necessity for Ballistic Crosshairs for dumbfire launchers.

Can also be used to judge if target is within your weapon’s lethal distance. For example, close range bolt action sniper rifle one-hit-kills on a headshot within 200m. 

 Battle Hardened

This is an uncommon implant. Can be used by MAXes.

Reduces screen shake from nearby explosions and flinch from being hit by bullets by 30% / 33% / 40% / 50%. Rank 5 completely removes flinch and screen shake for 10 seconds after a kill. 

Flinch from bullet hits scales with damage they deal. More damaging bullets and headshots cause more flinch.

This implant is useful whenever you get under fire while shooting someone, or something explodes nearby, which happens a lot while playing infantry. It makes it easier to hold the crosshair on the target and offers a competitive edge.

Battle Hardened is popular to the point that it’s considered mandatory by many players, claiming the game is unplayable without it. Especially popular among Heavy Assault mains and other competitive and frontline infantry players, such as CQC BASR players.

The maximum rank is especially powerful and makes an amazing combo with Assimilate implant and HA’s Adrenaline Shield.


This is an uncommon implant.

Restores 65 / 70 / 80 / 100 shields on a headshot kill. Rank 5 also restores 150 shields on a vehicle kill. 

Your personal shields will briefly flash when you receive shield restoration. 

This implant isn’t very useful without several upgrades, and it’s reserved for the elite infantry players that can consistently get headshot kills. 

This implant is not as powerful as it seems. It does nothing for you at maximum shields. And 100 shields is not that much, though it can potentially get amplified by Nanoweave and HA’s Resist, and makes a great combo with Adrenaline Shield. 

Also, while getting headshots is obviously crucial for competitive infantry playstyle, trying to finish off every enemy with a headshot can be a bad habit. PlanetSide 2 weapons get more inaccurate the longer you shoot, so it’s a common technique to start with headshots, doing quick and strong burst of damage, and then drag the aim to center mass, finishing the enemy with body shots.

Trying to shoot at the head all the time may lead to actually dealing less damage. You will have to make a judgement call each time. 


This is an uncommon implant. Can’t be used by MAXes.

1) Reduces movement speed penalty for crouching by 40% / 45% / 55 %/ 75%.

  • Normally, crouching reduces movement speed by 50%.
  • Catlike makes you move at 70% / 72.5% / 75% / 87.5% normal walking speed while crouching.
  • This is enough to make you appear on enemy Motion Detection tools even while crouching, unless you move sideways, backwards or Aim Down Sights to slow you down. 

Increased crouching speed allows you to be more mobile during firefights, while having increased accuracy and presenting a smaller target. Especially great when paired with a 75% ADS weapon

It also improves infiltrators’ crouch walking while cloaked, making them fast and hard to notice at the same time. Especially useful for Stalker Infiltrators. 

However, being detectable by Motion Detection tools is a strong negative effect, and can potentially be enough to discourage the use of this implant. You will have to rely on EMP grenades to clear out motion detection tools.

2) Rank 5 also increases jump height by 1m. 

This is a significant effect, enough to jump over a standing player. It dramatically improves player’s ability to get to places and parkour capabilities, even at low FPS.

Examples: one, two, three.

Together with Adrenaline Pump, provides a great boost to overall mobility.


This is an uncommon implant. Can’t be used by MAXes.

Restores 100 / 125 / 150 / 200 health on a wielded melee kill. Rank 5 also restores 200 health on a sidearm kill. 

  • Your character model will have visible green effects when you receive healing.
  • You actually have to kill the enemy with a specified item, just holding them in your hands while enemy blows up on your mine will not trigger the healing. 

This implant has questionable usefulness even for Stalker Infiltrators, kings of sidearm and melee kills. Most of the time, Regeneration implant will be better, as it doesn’t rely on kills to restore health, and doesn’t require you to go into combat without full health. 

Crazy melee streaks with a wielded knife usually end when you start taking damage anyway. You are simply unlikely to benefit from this implant. 

Vampire only makes sense at maximum rank and in combination with other equipment, like Assimilate + Adrenaline Shield Heavy Assault using a Commissioner to headshot an enemy and get an instant boost in survivability. 


This is an exceptional implant, it can be used by MAXes and it partially works in vehicles.

1) Informs when you’ve been spotted. This effect does not work in a vehicle.

Not Spotted


When you’re spotted, a tiny red icon will briefly appear near your crosshair. The implant icon on the bottom of the screen will turn red whenever you’re spotted, and will stay red until “spotted” condition fades.

This is the same effect as the old Counter-Intelligence implant. You can watch Wrel’s reivew here.

2) Automatically spots enemies that damage or kill you, unless they’re using a suppressed weapon. Spots enemies that damage vehicle you’re in.

This is the same effect as the old Awareness implant. You can watch Wrel’s review here.

Overall, Counter-Intelligence is a great implant for non-infiltrator players trying to be stealthy, especially effective on Light Assaults. It will enable you to outplay through movement enemies that engage you, and let you know when it is safe to engage.

It is also great for vehicle play, especially for tanks, where positioning and surprise effect mean a lot. 

Minor Cloak

This is an exceptional implant that can’t be used by MAXes.

Staying still for 8 seconds will cloak the user. The player cannot use any tools or weapons while cloaked, or restore health or shields. Any movement will decloak the user. 

  • Reloading, taking damage or switching to crouching or standing will not decloak the user.
  • Cloaking and decloaking takes 1.5 seconds, during which the player still cannot use tools or weapons.

This is a controversial implant, technically it can give cloaking capabilities to something like a Heavy Assault with an auto shotgun, but it forces the user to sit still for who knows how long, and long decloaking animation makes it hard to effectively ambush enemies.

Long delay before cloaking makes Minor Cloak impossible to use to escape when being chased by enemies. 

The automatic trigger if you stay stationary can be annoying as well. 

Overall, it’s a highly desired, yet fairly worthless implant, mildly useful only for cheesy camping or in some very specific circumstances. 

For example, if a Sniper notices on a Motion Spotter that enemies are looking for him, he can use his Hunter Cloaking to put himself in a good position, and then sit indefinitely in Minor Cloak until enemies give up the search and go away. Minor Cloak activation will force a recloak and produce decloaking and cloaking sounds, potentially giving away sniper’s position. 

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