What are implants?

Implant is a part of your loadout, much like a suit slot or a weapon. Implants provide combat utility and convenience, but require Implant Energy to use. Implants consume Energy each second you are alive and the implant is equipped. Implants are broken down in four tiers. Generally, the higher the tier, the more Energy the implant consumes, and the more powerful is the effect.

Some implants can’t be equipped on MAXes. 

By default, you only have access to Enhanced Targeting implant.

How to get implants?

There are three ways:

  1. Each time you earn XP, there’s a small chance to receive a random Tier 1 or Tier 2 implant, or a Charger that restores implant Energy.
  2. You can use implants to craft new implants or chargers on the Nano Cycler page of the menu.
  3. You can purchase packs with random implants from in-game store with certs or DBC.

Implant System is often used as a reason to call PlanetSide 2 pay to win, however:

  • Because of the random, you are not guaranteed to get a specific implant you want, regardless if you spend money/certs or not.
  • It’s absolutely possible to enjoy all the benefits of the implant system without investing any certs or DBC.
  • Implants on their own do not guarantee an advantage, they provide situational bonuses. 

 Implant crafting recipes

  • 5 Implant Recipe: combining 5 implants of the same tier results in a random implant of the next tier.
  • 3 Implant Recipe: combining 3 implants of the same tier results in a random implant of the same tier.

Tip: you can bypass the annoying implant craft animation by switching from Nano Cycler tab to any other menu tab, and then back.

Implant Energy

Implant Energy is replenished by consuming Chargers. Chargers sometimes drop as loot, but the primary way of getting them is craft.
Wrel’s energy management video:

Charger crafting recipes

800 Energy – cannot be crafted, only received via in-game drops.

Super Charger
Super Charger
3 600 Energy – crafted from one Tier 1 implant, and one Tier 2 implant. 

Ultra Charger
Ultra Charger
24 000 Energy – crafted from one Tier 2 implant and one Tier 3 implant. Can also be purchased with DBC or certs.

  • You can craft Tier 2 implant with five Tier 1 implants, so the total cost of Super Charger is six Tier 1 implants.
  • You can craft a Tier 3 implant with 5 Tier 2 implants, so the total cost of the Ultra Charger is 30 Tier 1 implants. 
    • Ultra Charger provides 6.7 times more energy than Super Charger, while it costs only 5 times more, so crafting Ultra Chargers is 33% more efficient. Ideally, you want to craft only Ultra Chargers
Note: you cannot craft Tier 4 implants into chargers.
Energy conservation tips:
  • you don’t have to use the highest available tier of the implant. Some of them, like Regeneration, are useful regardless of the tier.
  • if you keep running out of energy for your high-tier implants, it’s totally normal to switch to a lower tier implant, or play without an implant at all. You are not supposed to be able to sustain any implant 100% of the time.

How to get implants without investing DBC/certs

A mini-guide written by Alarox, with my edits.
Here’s how you get all the implants you want, and have enough energy to maintain your implants.
What you’ll need: Time and Patience
Step 1: Get lots of implants by playing normally.
Step 2: Convert all implants you don’t need into implants of higher Tier. 
Step 3: Convert duplicate Tier 4 implants via the 3 implant recipe until you get all Tier 4 implants you need.
Step 4: From now on, just convert all duplicate/unwanted implants into implants of the 2nd and 3rd tiers and use them to craft Ultra Chargers to power your implants.
The ability to purchase implants / chargers with DBC/certs exists for players who don’t have Time and Patience.

Implant List

Enhanced Targeting

Enhanced Targeting
Tier 1 only. This is a free implant, available to all players from the start. Massively increases the range at which you can see health of spotted enemy players and vehicles if you aim at them. Increases the range at which your hip fire chosshair will turn red if you put it over an enemy to 60m.
Available by default, and is more useful than might seem at first glance. Here’s Wrel’s review of this implant:


Regeneration Implant
Tiers 1 through 4. Slowly regenerates health out of combat. Regeneration starts in 12 seconds after taking damage, and it takes 14 to 25 seconds to regenerate full health depending on the Rank of the implant. Allows to forget about monitoring your health, and provides self-sustain. Gives a way to restore health without the need to carry med kits, so you can carry C4 or mines instead.
If you’re on a continent where your faction has a captured biolab, its health regeneration bonus will override Regeneration Implant of Tier 1 or 2, essentially making it useless. 
Can’t be used on MAXes.
Wrel’s review:

 Battle Hardened

Battle Hardened Implant
Tiers 1 through 4. Reduces flinch from being hit by bullets by 60% to 80% depending on Tier. Reduces screen shake from nearby explosions by 35% to 55% depending on Tier. 
Useful for playstyles that involve being shot and bombarded by explosives a lot. Mostly useful to first line fighters like Heavy Assaults. Especially useful in large “slug fest” type of fights, where a huge front line forms between two factions and they just keep shelling each other from long range. 
Also useful in duels / firefights, that involve two players shooting at each other.


Counter Intelligence Implant
Tiers 3 and 4 only. Tier 4 has the same effect as Tier 3, but consumes less energy. Informs you when you’ve been spotted.
Counter Intelligence Implant in action
When you’re spotted, a tiny red icon will briefly appear near your crosshair. The implant icon on the bottom of the screen will turn red whenever you’re spotted, and will stay red until “spotted” condition fades. A strong implant for non-infiltrators trying to be stealthy.
Wrel’s video review:


Marker Implant
Tier 2 only. Spots enemies damaged by you.
Another implant useful in stealthy play, as you can automatically spot enemies just by shooting them with a suppressed weapon, without engaging your voice, which would give away your faction and position to a player with a keen ear. 
With Marker you can spot enemies out of your line of sight with area damage, like underbarrel grenade launcher or any type of lethal or non-lethal grenade – they still do a tiny amount of damage. 
Fighting spotted enemies is a lot easier if you have a habit of constantly checking your minimap. Then you might find out that the enemy – that you just shot in the back before he ran around the corner – is waiting for you behind that corner with a gun ready.
Here’s Wrel’s review of this implant:

Clear Vision

Clear Vision Implant

Tiers 1 through 4. Reduces effects of Concussion and Flash grenades by 30% to 90% depending on Tier. Can’t be used on MAXes.
Currently, Flash and Concussion grenades are rarely used. The main reason to use Clear Vision implant is to protect yourself from being accidentally hit by your own Flash or Concussion grenade as you storm into a room after throwing one. 

EMP Shield

EMP Shield

Tiers 1 through 4. Reduces effects of EMP grenades by 30% to 90% depending on Tier. Can’t be used on MAXes.
EMP grenades are very powerful, but they are still only available to one class, and EMP shield will not protect you fully from vision impairment applied by EMP grenade. Use your own judgement.
It can be used to protect you from your own EMP grenades, as they have large AOE and detonate on impact, so it’s easy to accidentally hit yourself with one. 
Also handy to Stalker infiltrators, as enemy infiltrators may attempt to flush them out with an EMP grenade. 


EOD HUD Implant
Tiers 1 through 4. Automatically spots nearby mines and deployed explosives within 10m to 25m depending on Tier. 
A strong choice for flanking or breaching playstyles, as in both cases you will be more likely to be the unlucky player to eat a mine.
Can help MAXes avoid stepping on Tank Mines.
The implant is not a sure-fire way to never blow up on a mine, since the icon of a spotted explosive is small and easy to miss in the heat of combat.
Mostly useless to vehicles trying to avoid Tank Mines, as often your momentum will be too strong to stop or change direction in time, unless you consciously move slowly. 


Awareness Implant
Tier 3 and 4. Tier 4 has the same effect as Tier 3, but consumes less energy.
Automatically spots enemies that damage or kill you, unless they’re using a suppressed weapon. Spots enemies that damage vehicle you’re in.
Wrel’s review of this implant:

Hold Breath

Hold Breath
Tiers 1 through 4. Increases the amount of time a player can hold his breath by 25% to 100% depending on Tier.
Tip: scopes with magnification of 6x or higher have sway. Players can hold their breath by pressing [Sprint] key to temproarily suppress sway.
Naturally, this implant is mostly useful to snipers, as there’s usually no reason to use a 6x scope or higher on other weapons. It’s totally possible for high-level snipers to play without this implant, but it can be very helpful to casual snipers and beginners.

Safe Landing

Safe Landing
Tiers 1 through 4. Reduces fall damage. Depending on Tier, fall damage starts at 20m to 50m, and lethal fall distance increases to 60m to 150m. Can’t be used on MAXes.
In PS2, there are many ways a player can avoid fall damage. Using a Jump Pad or a Gravity Lift makes you immune to fall damage for several seconds. Both often present themselves near heights. You can also avoid fall damage by jumping down on sloped surfaces. In greater detail here.
Apart from some niche playstyles, like Icarus Jets Light Assault or other flanking playstyles involving jumping down from heights, Safe Landing doesn’t seem to be popular or useful. 


Rangefinder Implant
Tier 3 only. Displays the range to your target under the crosshair, if it’s within 500m. 
Can be used to judge how high you need to aim with a long range sniper rifle or a tank cannon, if you create your own ballistic table. First column is distance, second column is the number of mildots you have to raise your aim by. 
Can also be used to judge if target is within your weapon’s lethal distance. For example, short range bolt action sniper rifles remain one-hit-kill on a headshot within 200m. 

Sensor Shield

Sensor Shield Implant

Tier 3: Makes the player undetectable to enemy radar equipment and motion sensors except when moving at sprint speed or faster.

Tier 4: Makes the player undetectable to enemy radar equipment and motion sensors except when moving at sprint speed or faster within 20 meters of the source.

A very strong implant for all stealthy playstyles, especially the Tier 4 version. It is invaluable most of all to CQC and stalker infiltrators and Light Assaults.

You can learn some interesting interactions with this implant by watching this testing video.

Note: apparently Sensor Shield 4 is still suffering from bugs that disable the implant under certain conditions: link.

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