Critical Mass Alerts

To trigger a Critical Mass Alert, a faction has to refine a certain amount of Cortium with HIVEs, and capture 41% of continent’s territory.

The alert lasts 45 minutes.

To win the alert, the faction that triggered the alert has to control at least 36% of continent’s territory by the end of the alert. 

If the faction that triggered the alert wins, the continent is locked, and usually another continent will unlock to take its place.

If the faction that triggered the alert loses, it will lose all of the refined Cortium, and the continent will not be locked. 

Participating in alerts provides players with 30% bonus XP for the duration, and by the end of the alert everyone receives rewards.

Locking a continent gives the faction a global benefit:

  • Amerish – base generators will automatically repair. 
  • Indar – base turrets take longer to overheat.
  • Esamir – allied Capture Points will passively increase shields of nearby infantry.
  • Hossin – vehicle ammo towers will automatically repair nearby vehicles, and landing pads will repair vehicles, aircraft as well as heal infantry.

This benefit will persist until the continent is locked by another faction.