Armored suit with dual weapons. Very hard to kill. Usually they specialize to fight against either infantry, vehicles or aircraft, but some of the AV weapons are quite effective against infantry as well. Like vehicles, require nanites to spawn.

MAXes can’t drive vehicles, capture points, overload generators, and can only be transported in a Galaxy, Sunderer, or a Harasser’s rumble seat.


MAXes have 2000 base health, but no shields. Dead MAXes can be revived by medics, though it takes longer than usual. But their health can only be restored by an engineer or Auto-Repair suit slot, which regenerates their health when not under fire. Medic’s Triage also works on MAXes.

Against bullets

MAXes have 80% resistance to bullet damage, which translates into 10 000 effective health against carbines and similar weapons. This damage resistance is applied to headshots, though they still deal increased damage. For comparison, standard infantry target has 1000 effective health.

MAXes can also use Kinetic Armor suit slot. At maximum rank, it provides additional 7.5% resistance to:

  • Small arms (most bullet-type primary and secondary infantry weapons)
  • Vehicle-mounted Machine Guns and Shotguns
  • NS-20 Gorgon (w) MAX HMG
  • This translates into 16 000 effective HP against bullets.
  • Kinetic Armor is applied to headshots.


90% Resistance to melee damage.

Archer Anti-Materiel Rifle

This engineer-only sniper rifle is made specifically to hunt MAXes, and deals ~90% extra damage to them, and this damage isn’t reduced by their innate resistance to bullets. So the Archer can take out a MAX in 2-3 shots.

Kinetic Armor provides 10% resistance to Archer’s bullets.

Against Explosives

Heavy Assault’s Rocket Launchers

Most rocket launchers deal 75% of their listed direct damage and 50% of their splash damage to MAXes. Exceptions:

  • NSX Masamune deals 50% of its listed direct and indirect damage.
  • NC15 Phoenix and Lancer VS22 deal 50% increased direct damage. 
  • T2 Striker deals 6% increased direct damage.

MAX Flak Armor suit slot can further reduce splash damage by up to multiplicative 50%, but not direct damage.

Heavy Assault’s Anti Vehicle Grenades

They stick to MAXes and deal up to 1387 damage (69% HP). MAX Flak Armor reduces this damage by up to 50%.

Light Assault’s Rocklet Rifle

Default ammunition deals 113 damage per shot. Typhoon Rocklets deal 150 direct damage and 50 indirect damage. MAX Flak Armor can reduce only that indirect damage.


One C4 brick will kill a MAX within ~2.1m. MAX with full MAX Flak Amor receives 1025 damage from one C4 brick, so two bricks will still kill him.


MAX units have two weapons, one for each arm. They can choose weapons independently, but usually use same weapons for both hands to specialize in one form of combat.

TR and VS MAX anti infantry weapons are effective up to 20-40m and function like machine guns. NC MAX AI weapons are shotguns, and decimate infantry in CQC, but ineffective at range and can’t sustain fire for long. Sometimes MAXes use AV weapons against infantry, because they can deliver massive damage even at longer ranges, albeit harder to aim.


All MAXes have access to Emergency Repair, which restores 20% health over 12 seconds, on a 45-60 sec cooldown, depending on rank.

Alternatively, MAXes can use faction specific abilities:

TR MAX can anchor himself to become immobile (read: C4, bullet and rocket magnet), but increase firepower greatly. Rarely used against infantry. Takes 2 seconds to deploy, and 1 second to undeploy. 

VS MAX can use Zealot Overcharge Engine to become faster and deal up to 10% more damage at close range, but at the cost of receiving 20% more damage.

ZOE can be toggled on and off, and lasts up to 16/18/20/22/25 seconds and fully recharges over 60 seconds. 

NC MAX can use Aegis Riot Shield to cover himself from the front.

  • Aegis drains energy while shield is taking damage, and rapidly restores energy when the shield isn’t active.
  • MAX can reload while the shield is active.
  • Sticky grenades and AV grenades do not stick to the MAX when Aegis Shield is active.
  • The “lookhole” in the shield is not actually a weak spot, it doesn’t let bullets through.
  • Rockets that hit the shield do not deal splash damage to the MAX.
  • Splash damage from other sources can still sometimes leak through the shield.
  • It is also possible to just walk up to a MAX, clipping through this shield, and shoot him point blank.

Fighting a MAX

  • In a straight up one-on-one fight, it’s next to impossible to defeat a MAX. But MAXes can be gunned down by concentrated small arms fire, so be sure to stay near your allies when there are MAXes around (read: always).
  • If you happen to be a Heavy Assault, you can dance around some cover, while firing your rocket launcher at the MAX, it will take several hits to kill him, though.
  • You can try to lure the MAX on your C4, or try to approach him unseen and throw C4 under his feet. 


  • MAX units have loud, faction-specific footsteps, so you may detect by noise they’re making, much like with infiltrators.
  • MAXes aren’t as fast as normal infantry, and take longer to accelerate to full speed when sprinting.
  • MAXes tend to have problems engaging distant enemies, because they don’t have zoom, nor long-range anti infantry weaponry, so if all else fails, just stay as far away from them as possible.
  • Take out their support – medics and engineers, then you and your allies can eventually whittle down the MAX. Hopefully.
  • Large hit box. It’s relatively easy to hit a MAX with a rocket, which will take about a half of his health.
  • Can be killed by luring them on Tank mines.

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