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Class_InfiltratorInfiltrators are special forces, snipers, saboteurs and ninjas of PlanetSide 2.

Ability: Cloaking

Infiltrators can cloak, which makes them harder to see, but not invisible. The slower the infiltrator moves, the less visible he is.

There are five stages of cloak depending on what Infiltrator’s legs are doing: crouching, crouch moving, standing, standing moving and sprinting. Crouching and staying still to become almost invisible is known as “deep cloaking”.

Each time an infiltrator cloaks or decloaks, he emits a sound that is unique to his empire. By this sound alone it’s possible to tell that there’s an infiltrator of a certain faction nearby. You may be even able to tell the direction and distance.

Cloaked Infiltrators can capture control points and reload their weapons, but they can’t fire, use any tools, and regenerate their health and shields in any way. They can’t be spotted while cloaked, and cloaking removes “spotted” condition, but they still can get detected by enemy motion detection tools.

By default, Infiltrators can decloak by pressing “fire”. If you find this feature inconvenient, you can learn how to disable it in the Performance Guide.

Cloaking Ability Variants

  • Hunter Cloaking – the most common variant. Drains energy while cloaked, recharges when not cloaked.  Infiltrator can potentially stay cloaked for only ~18 seconds.
  • Nano Armor Cloaking – passively increases Shields by 100 in all states and provides 25% bullet damage resistance while cloaked, but drains energy faster than Hunter.
  • Stalker Cloaking – spends energy while moving, and recharges while remaining stationary. Stalker can potentially remain cloaked indefinitely, but cannot use primary weapons, so limited to sidearms, melee weapons, and utility items.

Ways to counter

  1. Darklight Flashlight attachment can be used with most weapons to illuminate cloaked infiltrators. Most often used on sidearms. Keep in mind that cloaked Infiltrators will know when they are illuminated, so they will either try to escape or retaliate.
  2. Sound. Keep an ear out for sound of their shots, voice and cloaking sounds.
  3. Motion detection on minimap by vehicles with Scout / Proximity Radar or allied infiltrators’ tools.
  4. Sight. Even cloaked, Infiltrators are very visible when sprinting, so pay attention and you will see them. Non-stalker Infiltrators cannot stay cloaked long enough to patiently crouch-walk to sneak up on someone.

Cloaked infiltrators are invisible to HS/NV scopes. 

Known bug: sometimes player’s head or weapon’s magazine has a different cloaking state than body. Example.

Passive Ability: Hacking


Infiltrators can hack enemy base terminals, Phalanx base turrets and Spitfire Turrets. To hack, approach the object and tap “use” – default “E” , and wait until the circle fills. 

Hacked objects change their allegiance to your faction until they are destroyed or re-hacked by enemy. 

This ability can be upgraded in “Infiltrator Certs” menu on the loadout screen.

Upgrade Unlock Cost: 1 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 500 certs.
Increases your terminal hacking speed by 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 percent.


Infiltrators have access to:

Sniper Rifles are long range precision weapons. Semi-automatic sniper rifles are built around sustained accuracy and quick follow-up shots, while powerful bolt-action rifles can potentially kill infantry in one headshot.

Scout Rifles (w) are precision weapons, built around accuracy and mobility. 

Battle Rifles are fast firing semi-automatic weapons with decent hip fire and access to some of the Underbarrel Attachments.

SMGs are close range automatic weapons with great hip fire accuracy.

In addition, they can use the same Melee Weapons and Sidearms as every other infantry class.

Infiltrator’s Roles


Makes use of Stalker Cloak, which can recharge itself even while cloaked if the infiltrator remains stationary, but depletes energy when moving. Infiltrators can’t use a primary weapon together with stalker cloak.

The best option for sabotage and diversions. 

“Stalkers who are patient will kill you when you least expect it, and can disappear without a trace. They are most dangerous in small fights where they can decloak and kill you with no witnesses. If you see a point being capped with no one there, pull out the flashlight and start looking.

The purpose of a stalker is to deny enemy terminals and turrets, harass areas behind the fight such as sunderers, players repairing vehicles, other infiltrators and players who think they are safe to look at their map.” – Mustarde

CuteBeaver is a full-time Stalker Infiltrator player, check out her guide.

Also check out these posts by CuteBeaver to learn how to play as Stalker Infiltrator: one, two.


As the name suggests, makes use of the sniper rifle for long range kills. 

There are two kinds of sniper rifles: semi auto and bolt actions. Semi auto are meant for closer ranges, and require 2 headshots at all ranges to drop someone. Bolt action sniper rifles kill on one headshot, provided you’re within 200m for the weakest rifle, or 300m for the strongest one.

Check out MisterFrost’s Sniper Guide to learn how to play as Sniper, and this great post recounts things a sniper can do to be useful to his team.

Dealing with enemy snipers

There are two very easy ways of countering most of sniper activity – stay indoors / behind cover, or constantly move, so it’s harder to pin a headshot on you. If they miss or wound you, it’s a hint to run back to cover.

Often a missed shot by a sniper will give away his position to you, and you can either countersnipe or flank him, and kill him at close range.

Be aware of the mines and his radar detection tools, though.

Sniper rifle shots have very distinctive sound and lingering tracers for all factions, so if you hear those sounds, and see enemy sniper that’s harassing your allies light up on the minimap – be a team player and go hunt them down.

“I would emphasize just how good LA’s are at hunting enemy snipers who are in elevated positions.”

– Mustarde

Close Quarters Combat

Armed with SMGs or automatic scout rifles, CQC Infiltrators run around ambushing enemies at short range, and throwing mines at feet of clumped up infantry (pizza delivery). 

Here are some rules of engagement by Davregis for aspiring SMG Infiltrators:
(originally posted on reddit)

SMGs are close-ranged weapons with excellent hip fire accuracy and above average DPS in close quarters. They are generally inferior weapons on every class but the infiltrator. 

Infiltrators are out of options when it comes to CQC weapons, and they can mitigate SMGs’ lack of effective range with cloaking.

What you need to know about these weapons is that an Advanced Laser Sight is mandatory. Once you have this, a scope becomes optional. In fact, if you have to ADS, it will generally mean that the target is outside your effective range.

Because of this, I recommend either a 1x scope or the HS/NV to see through smoke and ensure you know where everyone is. Try to ADS only when you can get away with doing so freely, as your damage is pitiful at midrange.

Your entire gameplay revolves around catching people unaware. Due to short time to kill and and high movement speed while hip firing, firing the first shot will normally get you a free kill against non- Heavies.

Heavies are not to be feared either; if you can tell they’re distracted or sprinting, unloading into their head will down them pretty quickly. Positioning, positioning, positioning. Be aware of when someone is reloading as well; any sort of jump will net you an easy kill.


  • Enemy is distracted: firing at a teammate, sprinting, reloading, looking away, etc.
  • Enemy has non-Commissioner pistol (even heavies!)


  • You are in a flanking position AND they are distracted
  • If ammo runs out, whip out your sidearm and pray


  • Extreme CQC: aim for head while circle-strafing them. Knife if confident.
  • CQC: Aim for head while strafing left or right.
  • Mid-CQC: Aim for lower head while praying
  • Midrange(15m+) Aim for body and pray
  • Multiple targets: Aim for head, switch targets and aim for body and pray your mag lasts.
  • Longrange: Scope in, pray, and unscope while moving. Do not stay scoped in.
  • If you run out of ammo, do not reload. Swap to your sidearm and finish the job. Reloading enemies have netted me many kills.


  • DO NOT cloak and sit still
  • Run behind cover, medkit, run or re-engage
  • Try to headshot chain if no cover while strafing erratically
  • Medkit shuffle if far away (strafe left while running left, strafe right while running right, S pattern.


  • 70% of encounters vs Heavily Distracted enemies
  • Chain headshots vs heavies; will let you 1v1 them given you both shoot at the same time.

You want to be doing everything you can to take people from angles they’re not looking at. Even 2 free bullets will guarantee you a kill. Do not engage multiple targets unless they’re all distracted or EMP’d. Distracted targets are your best friends, and finding them is the biggest part of CQC Infil play.

Close Quarters Sniping

A merge between two last playstyles, it involves using a “close range” bolt action rifle to score OHK headshots at ranges that would normally be considered too close.

You can learn more about this playstyle in this guide by Davregis.


Infiltrators use radar detection tools to detect fast moving enemy infantry and highlight their positions on the minimap as a dot. 

  • Nearby allies also receive this intel.
  • If an ally kills an enemy detected by a Radar Detection Tools, owner of the tool will receive assist XP. If an enemy is detected by multiple tools, all owners will receive this bonus.
  • Radar Detection Tools’ effects are limited to the minimap. They will not automatically spot enemies.
  • You can see both allied and enemy recon darts on the minimap from any distance, but you see motion spotters only when you are in their detection range. 
  • Both tools can resupply from Engineers’ ammo packs.

How to avoid detection:

  • Detection is based on the speed of the moving unit. Detection can be avoided by staying still, or moving while crouched. 
  • Moving up or down sloped surfaces, such as stairs, increases movement speed, and even crouch walking may not prevent detection.
  • Sensor Shield implant provides limited protection against radar detection. 
  • Cloaking does not protect from Radar Detection Tools in any way.

How to destroy these tools

  • Both Recon Darts and Motion Spotters can be destroyed by EMP grenades, even through walls.
  • They can also be destroyed by bullets, though it can be tricky to hit such a small target, especially in case of Recon Darts. They both have 500 health.
  • Allied Recon Darts and Motion Spotters are unaffected by EMP grenades.

Recon Detection Device

Fires a dart that sends out detection pulses. If an enemy is moving during a pulse, his current position will be highlighted on the minimap.

The device needs to be reloaded after each shot.

Rank Upgrade Cost Ammo Pool Time between pulses, seconds Radius, meters Lifespan, seconds
1 Free 2 3.25 25 20
2 30 2 3.00 30 25
3 50 2 2.75 35 30
4 200 3 2.50 40 35
5 500 4 2.25 45 40
6 1000 5 2.00 50 45

Recon Darts trivia:

  • There is a psychopath player that reached BR111 only by using Recon Detection Device.
  • Recon Darts do not stick to vehicles, they will remain floating in the air.
  • Recon Darts provide collision for vehicles.

Motion Spotter

A deployable device that remains stationary and sends out detection pulses every 1.5 seconds.

In addition, the owner of the Motion Spotter receives real time updates on enemy movement within 20m of the device, including their facing direction. 

Rank Upgrade Cost Ammo Pool Radius, meters Lifespan, seconds
1 Free 2 30 120
2 50 3 35 120
3 200 3 40 180
4 500 4 45 180
5 1000 5 50 240


Utility Items

Anti-Personnel Mines

Also available to engineer. Kill infantry without flak armor. In close quarters, help set up ambushes and protect objectives and motion spotters. Help snipers  protect their flanks. 

EMP Grenades

A rather strong non-lethal grenade. 

  • Costs 75 Nanites to spawn with.
  • When EMP hits through a wall, it depletes shields and ability energy.
  • In case of a direct hit, removes HUD, prevents shield recharge for several seconds and impairs vision.
  • A non-direct hit will drain shield energy, and jump-start shield recharge process, even if you recently took damage. 
  • Destroys all enemy deployables, such as mines, C4, Motion Spotters, Spawn Beacons, etc.
  • Overheats engineer’s MANA turrets.
  • Enemies affected by your EMP grenades will yield assist XP when killed by other players. These assists will count towards ribbons and medals.

Wrel’s full review (outdated, doesn’t include these changes).

Decoy Grenades

Emits a false radar signature, emits gunfire sounds and will distract automated turrets.

Generally considered useless, because even the small-scale fights in PlanetSide have ~20 players in them, and every ally on your team does a much better job being a distraction than a Decoy Grenade.

They can be useful if you find yourself completely alone behind enemy lines, trying to hack terminals and turrets to disrupt the flow of reinforcements from the next base and weaken their defenses. 

Suit Slots

In addition to other Suit Slots, infiltrators have access to:

Chameleon Module


Unlocked and equipped by default.

Removes the shield shimmer when you get shot while cloaked. Shields will still shimmer when they are fully depleted, and then Chameleon Module will restore 20% cloak energy.


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